San Fernando, CA 1539

San Fernando, CA Lodge News


                    March became one of the most important months in the ninety year history of  the San Fernando Lodge 1539. We elected and installed our first Lady Exalted Ruler, Mercy Medellin. Mercy has served as an officer, including Leading Knight and has worked beside husband Bobby Medellin, four time Exalted Ruler and DDGER, for years. We look forward to Mercy's leadership in this very important Lodge year.

                    Dianne Teson was named our first Lady Elk Of The Year. Dianne's father Ted Millner was a PER , so she  spent time from early childhood at the Lodge. Dianne's husband Darrell became Exalted Ruler, so more time at the Lodge as First Lady, then She served as Lodge Secretary and now has been a member for ten years and is our bartender.

                   In March, Michael Green was initiated as our very first member of African Americanr decent. We welcome Michael and hope he is the first of many. 

                      We look forward to 2018 as our Ninetieth Birthday Year and hope it becomes a year of more FIRST

David Miller