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Tonight  we had our camper club ( Travel Elkdom ) meeting and as usual there a few more members and guest than normal hanging out in the bar. The bar usually closes around nine, but not tonight. Additional guest included perspective members who will be initiated next week.  At about ten minutes till eleven someone mentioned  the Eleventh Hour Toast,and Trustee Bob Paul went into action. He had to do some quick ad-libbing. He found a heavy metal scoop in the ice machine and a sturdy pad lock. He used these to sound  the chiming of eleven o'clock. He took a mirror down from behind the bar that has the Eleventh Hour Toast on it and delivered the toast from there. It has been quite some since we have had a Eleventh Hour Toast but none has been more moving than this one.  It was made even better because our guest and soon to be new members were able to take part. Thanks Bob Paul                 Dave Miller