Des Moines, IA 98

GER Message

Teamwork relies on communication, cooperation

Officers, you are now part of the team. Strengthen it by building relationships with one another. This is an opportunity to make new friends and learn from experience during your service to your Lodge.

The Exalted Ruler cannot do everything alone; you should be proactive by seeking opportunities to contribute to the advancement and success of your Lodge. Those opportunities will allow you to develop your own leadership and management skills. Approach all your activities with a positive frame of mind. Goodwill towards others will be extremely invaluable in the coming years when you may be relying on them to help. The diverse skills demonstrated by you and your fellow Officers will enable your Lodge to succeed and prosper.

As you lead and support Lodge activities, please remember that your actions create a perception of who we are. As Officers, we must be exemplars of Brotherly Love.

Embrace these concepts when working alongside other Officers and Members, and you will advance the interests of your Lodge within your community. Use the resources provided by Grand Lodge, your state association, and your district.

April begins with change. New Officers must get to work at once. It is time to plan and pass a budget for your Lodge that each committee can work with. This budget must keep your Lodge financially sound throughout the new Lodge year. Get all the Officers, Board of Directors, and committee members together to review your Lodge budget. Discuss any ideas to make your Lodge programs even better. Plan your goals for the Elks National Foundation, your State Major Project, and any other community activities that your Lodge may be involved with. Brainstorm with your Members and listen to suggestions.

Membership is the life blood of our Order. Work with your appointed Membership Retention Chair as a team. All Members are a part of your membership committee. It is important to reach out to delinquent Members to bring them back into your Lodge. It may only take one phone call. There is a chance that by speaking with that person, you may get them to renew their dues and become an active Member again. The Lodge Secretary plays a very important role for Members who were dropped for non-payment of dues. I encourage you to review Statute 14.180. This Statute is very clear that your Lodge Secretary shall advise the unaffiliated of his/her right to re-affiliate within 60 days. Make +1 in membership a priority during your term.

Finally, appoint statutory committees. Budget to be posted by second meeting of the month.

Remember, “Elks Care—Elks Share” and “We Are THE Elks.”

God Bless our great Order, our troops, and the United States of America.