District No. 3880

Birth and Growth

Less than one hundres ten years in the great fraternal field Quincy Lodge of Elks has had a record of activity and endeavor which it believes indicates a fitting exemplification of the great principles and aims of our order. If has been fortunate in the charteacter of its membership, enthusiasm and ability of its officers and the hearty co-operation of the people of Quincy. It 2005, it apprached its one hundredth birthday with an excellent membership, a splendid new home of its own and enjoying the esteem and regard of all good citizens.

Durning the latter part of 1904 a committee of prominrnt citizens of Quincy held seveal informal meetings and discussed the need of an Elks Lodge in this historic city from a social and benevolent standpoint.

The first meeting to organize and make the necessary arreangements for securing a chater was held in the Grand Army Hall on Hancock Street. With the assistance of Edward McLaughlin PGELK and brother Elks from the Boston Lodge, thus Quincy Lodge had its birth.

After the application for charter had been approved by the Grand Exalted Ruler plans were made for institution. On Tuesday evening, February 23, 1905, the lodge was instuted in Colonial Hall, Savings Bank Building at 8 o'clock.  John F. Carter, District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler had charge of the institution, and was assisted by many visiting Elks. Twenty-seven candidates then became charter members of Quincy Lodge by initiation. These exercises were in charge of the officers from Boston Lodge Number 10.

The first board of officers of Quincy Lodge Number 943 were as follows:

Exalted Ruler, Fred Tirrell

Esteemed Leading Knight, Daniel Deasy

Esteemes Loyal Kinight. William Thomas

Esteemed Lecturing Knight, Edward Murphy

Secretary, Edmund Courtney

Treasurer, Benjamin Johnson

Tyler, Elmer Paine

Trustee 3 years, Perley Glass

Trustee 2 years, Hon. William Shea

Trustee 1 year, Henry Emerson

Esquire, Frank Benson

Innner Guard, Albert Murphy

Chaplain, James White

Organist, Henry Tirrell

Charles Kelly, PGELK of Boston Lodge No. 10 installed the officers elect, after which the lodge was addressed by the Grand Lodge Officers and visiting Elks. This was followed by a banquet and entertainment.

The jurisdiction of the new lodge inclued the following pplace south of Boston. The City of Quincy and the Towns of Milton, Braintree, weymouth, Hingham, Cohasset, Hull, Scituate, Randolph, Holbrrok and Rockland.

The first meeting reular meetings was held in Greenleaf Hall on March 14, 1905. The lodge held their meetings here until April 19,1907 when the lodge found a pernanent home (1907 - 1924) on Foster Street . March 29, 1905 the officers of Quincy Lodge were re-elected for the year 1905-1906, and were installed by Edward McLaughlin PGELK of Boston Lodge No. 10.



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