Middletown, CT 771

Monthly Amercanism Updates

Middletown Elks Lodge #771, Connecticut State Elks, and all the Veterans of the Rocky Hill Veterans Home lost a dear and specal friend in the sudden and tragic death this past year of Joe Santostefano. Joe, a former volunteer of the year, was killed in a car accident, ironically on his way to attend a luncheon for volunteers for veterans. Joe had been honored and recongnized for his tireless volunteer efforts by the Elks Grand Lodge, the Connecticut State Elks Association, the town and Rocky Hill Veterans home. We thank him and will miss him.

Officers and members of Middletown BPOElks Lodge #771

Regarding the picture of our flag above, I received this email from one of the men pictured, SFC Dave Carello:

Hello Warren.
This is one of my favorite photographs. It was taken February 14th, 2007 at FOB Mehtar Lam, Afghanistan. This Base is in the Eastern part of Afghanistan not too far from Pakistan. Those in the photo from left to right are: Captain Chris Strong Company Commander of HHC 1-102nd Infantry, 1SG John Politz, myself SFC Dave Carello, and SFC Shawn Beaulieu. The flag was sent by School Children from New Jersey with a request for us to fly it for them, we were very happy to do so.
Thanks for your interest,
Dave Carello