Middletown, CT 771

House Committee News

House Committee news from the House Committee, and Chairman, David Greaves, PER.

As House Committee Chairman, my goal this year is to build off the foundation that Bob Jagoda, PER so diligently and with great effort built over the last 2 years with his House Committee.
Bob took over in early 2008, after a well deserved 2 year hiatus, and helped turn things around for the lodge. I know that stepping into the position of House Committee Chairman this year will mean filling some pretty big shoes (no pun intended Bob)
Speaking on behalf of the House Committee, our goal is to make OUR lodge a place where people want to be and be seen with friends and family.
I would like to extend to the lodge officers, PERs, and members an invitation to please stop by and visit the lodge either socially or at one of our many planned events, so that you can meet the many men and women who will be working hard for the sake of OUR lodge. Between the House Committee and OUR members we will have a very successful year.
In closing, I would like to again thank PER Bob Jagoda for all the great work he and his committee members have done. I look forward to working with Bob on ideas that he may have had for our lodge going forward. I would also like to thank those committee members from years past for joining us again. I would also like to thank PER Ken Maltese, Bill Curlin, and Joe St.Onge for their last minute help in covering the morning shifts in Vinnie's unexpected absence. Please keep Vinnie in your thoughts and prayers as she recovers at home.

David A. Greaves
House Committee Chairman