Erie, PA 67

From the House Committee

The Governor’s Office is finally starting to lift restrictions that have severely limited our Lodge’s operating ability. Bar Service will begin soon along with increased dining room capacity at our Lodge. Alcohol service will be allowed without the purchase of food effective April 4. Social distancing restrictions are still in place so please be mindful of this when visiting
Friday, April 2nd Lisa Keating will be providing karaoke from 7-11 pm. Also, the house committee will provide more updates through the month as they become available, so please keep check-ing our Facebook page for upcoming announcements.
Our menu is still going thru the process of being overhauled. Be on the lookout for fresh new dinner en-trees this month. If you have already tried our Smith’s Thick Slice Bologna Sandwich, you probably are questioning how bologna ever became a 2nd class deli meat. If you have not tried it, we encourage you to visit us soon to find out what a real bologna sandwich tastes like.
April is the fourth month of the year. Our hope is that this will be the first month where we start to see our Lodge back to normal and what we were familiar with before the start of this Covid crisis. The House Committee would also like to wish you sunshine and a basket full of chocolates this coming Easter! Please come visit us soon.