District No. 4880

Assistance for worthy, needy Members

Needy Elks Members can qualify for up to $1,000 in an emergency 50-50 matching grant from the Order under Section 5.070 of the Grand Lodge Statutes.

The assistance would be available to "worthy and needy Members of the Order who are suffering from diseases of an incurable character or from total disability, and who are without funds or property or relatives able or willing to care for them," the Statute states.

The Statute also provides that the Lodge of the assisted Member "shall contribute toward the relief of the Member an amount not less than one-half of the sum that is contributed by the Order.

The monies so appropriated shall be administered by the Grand Exalted Ruler with the consent of a majority of the Board of Grand Trustees."

For more information, contact the Lodge #639 office at 573.335.9294

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