District No. 9440


The Past Exalted Rulers Association of Aberdeen Lodge No. 593, was formed in April, 1944, with the sole purpose of fostering a spirit of friendship and fraternal relationship between the members who have served as the administrative head of the lodge, thereby contributing a vital force to strengthen and prosper the lodge and Elkdom: to encourage those principles which have ever been he bloodstream of our Order and a bulwark of the Nation. The association shall not promote any action to trespass or interfere with the vested prerogatives of the members of the Lodge, but shall by its helpful counsel render every possible service and assistance to keep the administration of the Lodge in safe and competent leadership and to that end, by advice and support, assist the Lodge to guide it to its utmost success and thereby make it a credit to the order of the community. It is upon the high plane of duty that every Past Exalted Ruler is called into this service of the Lodge, based upon an accepted truth that the Lodge has bestowed upon them an honor not to be lightly appraised; also these members, by experience and position, can do much to achieve the objects herein expressed which is to give their strength and knowledge to their Lodge to keep it good and make it better and stronger. Officers for 20017-18 PRESIDENT: CECELIA WALLS PER (14-15) V-PRESIDENT: LARRY FOSS PER (15-16) SECRETARY: JIM BOWEN PER (88-89) ESQUIRE: ROD JOHNSON PER (16-17) Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7PM

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