Henderson/Green Valley, NV 2802

Past Exalted Rulers Association

The P.E.R. Association meets the second Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM. We sponsor a number of functions throughout the year; The "Parrot Head Party" in January, St. Patrick's Day - (Corn Beef and Cabbage Dinner) / Hale & Farewell in March, Mother's Day Brunch in May, New England Style Clam Bake in May. We also provide the "Cook Your Own Steak" night on the third Friday of each month. Please come join us for these fun filled functions.

Henderson/Green Valley Lodge

2022-2023 DeAnn McDaniel (Second Term)

2021-2022 DeAnn McDaniel (First Term)

2020-2021 James Weis (Fifth Term)

2019-2020 James Weis (Fourth Term)

2018-2019 James Weis (Third Term)

2017-2018 James Weis (Second Term)

2016-2017 James Weis (First Term)

2015-2016 Warren Halvorson*

2014-2015 Tony Carr (Transferred)

2013-2014 Alan Griefer (Transferred)

2012-2013 John Stevens (Fifth Term)

2011-2012 John Stevens (Fourth Term)

2010-2011 John Stevens (Third Term)

2009-2010 John Stevens (Second Term)

2008-2009 Lawrence Mund (Transferred - Inactive)

2007-2008 William Wiseman, PDDGER (Second Term)

2006-2007 William Wiseman (First Term)

2005-2006 William Obszanski

2004-2005 Norma DeLibertis (Transferred - Inactive)

2003-2004 Dick DuPont (Transferred)

2002-2003 John Stevens (First Term)

2001-2002 Larry Ucovich (Transferred)

2000-2001 Faye Ashford (Transferred - Inactive)

1999-2000 Tom Hartnett (Expelled)

1998-1999 George Adams*

1997-1998 Mike Owens*

By Affiliation

William Young*, Bristow, OK #1614

Jim Lange*, Bellflower, CA #2003

Bud Chaplin*, Pomona, CA #2038

Don Rogers, Newark-Bloomfield, NJ #21

Frank Vining*, Newport Harbor, CA #1767

Frank Opdyke*, Las Vegas, NV #1468

Robert Mathews*, Rushville, IN #1307

James Kudenov*, Gilroy, CA #1567

Kate Kubernach, Boulder City, NV #1682

Chuck Carver, Deer Trail, CO #2307

* Deceased