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District No. 4780

Scholarship News

If you know of someone you would like to nominate a graduating senior for our Local Scholarship for $500.00 per year, please contact Cindy Ewing at our Lodge @ 636-227-0404

Ellisville Elks # 2664 Scholarship Requirements and Guidelines


The Ellisville Elks Lodge 2664 has established a scholarship fund for the purpose of providing financial assistance.The Ellisville Elks Lodge has increased the Scholarship Limit to Four (4) Students per year.

Eligibility and Requirements -

Each eligible student must provide the following information to the Ellisville Elks to receive a $500.00 yearly Scholarship Award from the Lodge and will be paid the first semester of enrollment and is renewable for up to four(4) consecutive years

The Applicant must Submit the Scholarship Application to the Ellisville Elks Lodge #2664

  • Applicant must be a graduating high school senior planning to attend a College, University, Trade or Technical School and Provide High School Transcripts for Proof of Graduation

  • In order to receive payment, a student must have the College send the completed “Verification of Enrollment form,” to the Ellisville Elks Lodge, 1007 New Ballwin Road. Ballwin MO. 63021

  • The recipient must maintain a 3.0 grade point average at the College University, Trade or Technical School in order to retain eligibility. If the Student’s GPA falls below 3.0, the scholarship can be cancelled.

  • A copy of the sealed transcript from the College University, Trade or Technical School must be sent to the Ellisville Elks each year, prior to July 1st, or the scholarship will be cancelled.

  • Recipient must perform 20 hours of Community Service at the Ellisville Elks Lodge # 2664 each year to be eligible for renewable scholarship. If the Community Service is not performed at the Ellisville Elks Lodge, the Scholarship Committee must approve in advance, where the Community Service can take place.

  • If a student terminates his or her courses for any reason, the undisbursed balance of the award MUST be returned directly to the Ellisville Elks. It may NOT be transferred to another school, unless approved by the Ellisville Elks Lodge

  • Our scholarship programs are for undergraduate study only

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