Brigantine, NJ 2428


Auditing and Accounting
Bob Valinote 609 266-3203

Monitors Lodge Budget, Procedures and finances. This Committee is currently fully staffed.

Community Activities
Fran Chambers 215 850-6917 Lenny Kachur 609 348-4549

Anything we can do to help our island. Blood drive, Adopt-A-Highway/Park/Bench. Use your imagination. This committee can always use more help and ideas. Call Fran, Lenny or Dave B. 610 721-4956

Elks National Foundation ENF
John Hand 609 266-9703

"The Great Heart of Elkdom" is a permanent trust fund to further the benevolent, charitable and educational programs of our order through Scholarships, Emergency Education Grants and Community Investment Grants.
This Committee is very large and yet can always use more support.

Lodge Activities
Dave Biggins 610 721-4956

Lodge social activities, club functions, projects, games, pool league or darts. Anything that brings unity and fellowship to the members. This committee is always looking for more support and ideas.

Joanne Delaney 609 266-3228

Elks are proud to be Americans and to display our flag. We sponsor an essay contest and donate flags to the grade school. There is much more we do such as Law and Order Night. Whatever we can do to display and honor the flag of our country and promote patriotism.
This committee needs more support and ideas.

National Veterans Service
Joe Kelly 609 266-1924

Honor our American Veterans, whatever we can do to help our Veterans. We visit Vineland Veterans Home and bring gifts and essentials. This year we are inviting our Vets to the Lodge for the Army Navy game. Help is always needed and welcomed.

House Committee
Fred Tochterman 609 266-9042

Operates the lounge and facility. Is responsible for the Banquet hall and our Event Permite. Meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 6:00PM before our regular lodge meeting.

Government Relations
Sam Storino 609 266-9042

Forge close ties with our local government. Sam is a one man band but I'm sure he would gladly accept help.

Memorial Day Coordinator
Laura Grentz 609 266-7066

We remember our absent brothers on the first Sunday in december. It is truly a beautiful ceremony. This is a small committee that can use additional members. It is well worth the good feeling you get for the little time needed to have this ceremony.

Past Exalted Rulers Association
Sam Storino 609 266-9042

This is a closed association. Past Exhalted Rulers who continue to work for the good of the lodge.

Rich Poole 609 266-4374
The Elks are the second largest providers of scholarships in the country. Our Lodge not only participates nationally but gives out awards to relatives of members of our lodge.

Public Relations
Tonia Harris 609 266-8010

A very important committee to our lodge. To spread the good works we do throughout our order and our community. Please call with ideas and opportunities.

Visiting Committee
Joe Hartnell 215 597-3917

To visit sick or disabled members and anyone else inour community. Every member of this lodge should consider themselves on this committee and be helpful to those in need.

Jeanne DiCecco 609 266-1335

Increase membership and minimize lapsation. Contact members who have not paid their dues.

Richard Poole 609 266-4374
This duty is usually handled by the officers of the lodge. Do you remember before you were initiated into the lodge there were directions and advice given to you before the ceremony?

George Glomb 609 266-2260

Members sit on a panel to interview prospective members before they are voted on to be admitted to the lodge.

Special Children
Dee Brown 609 266-8069 and Andrea Ronchetti 609 287-9913

One of the most rewarding committees the lodge has. This committee runs the seafood fest, the Children' Christmas party, enrolls kids at Elks Camp Moore and does many other things to enhance the lives of these children. Dee and Andrea are both new Chairpersons and would be glad to receive help.

Youth Activities
Julie Mandes 609 266-4119

Provide positive experiences to the youth of our community through scholarship awards,Hoop shoot, Sponsorship of youth teams, camps and activities benefiting our island.

Drug Awareness
Joe Campitelli 609 266-1951/ Sam Storio 609 266-9042

The most insidious and devastating enemy our nation has ever faced is substance abuse by our youth As Elks we must dedicate our efforts to educate the youth of America to the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. We must make Drug Awareness a priority. This committee has much work ro do and it will always need and welcome any help.

Hoop Shoot
Ernest Storino 609 816-4013

A fun youth activity which takes place in late November every year. there is always plenty of help on hoop shoot day. Planning and prep could always usse a boost.

Soocor Shoot
Donna Fulmer 609 266-1047

Another youth activity the shoot takes place in early September. We did not participate last year. This committee needs a chairman along with other committee members.

Lenny and Terry Kachur 609 266-7900

We must advertise our events and programs to insure the general public knows what we are doing. The more each of us promotes our lodge the better our lodge will be.

Dave Biggins 610 721-4956, Bill Joyce, Bob Kadelski, John Moffa, Gearge Glomb and Harry McGarrigal III

To aid any member in need of assistance. This committee is comprised of the current officers of our lodge.