District No. 0340

Dining Room Operations

For more information please contact lodge at 283-7776

Lodge Dining Room open Thursday and Friday 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm                    (this page updated on 4/1/14)

We have a great menu and a professional chef. We use only the highest quality ingredients (ask the trustees they know because they pay the bills). Your membership means a lot to us so we do our best to provide you with a great place to share a meal with your family and friends.

Coming In May ** Watch for the start of Saturday Night Cook Your Own Steak Night

                 All dinners are served with a salad bar, vegetable, nightly potato, fries or tater tots                .

14 OZ RIB EYE STEAK DINNER              $24.00        Choice Cut. Charbroiled and grilled to your liking.   

FRIED CHICKEN DINNER                        $12.95         3 pieces of chicken, fried home style

CHICKEN FRIED STEAK DINNER           $11.95          Breaded, tenderized, deep fried and smothered in white country gravy

YELLOW EYE DINNER                             $15.95          Served how YOU like it; char broiled, pan seared or deep fried.

BUTTERFLY SHRIMP DINNER                $15.95          5 Shrimp breaded, deep fried & served with our own spicy cocktail sauce.

In addition to the Dinners listed above, we also serve the following:

Chicken Tenders  $7.95 (Breaded Chicken Tenders w/fries or tots) Clam Strip Basket  $6.95 (Clam strips w/home fried potato chips) Cheese Burger $9.95 (1/3 pound charbroiled beef patty with all the fixings, cheddar cheese and fries)  French Fry or Onion Ring Basket  $4.95 (a substantial pile of fries or onion rings in a basket) Chicken Tender Salad $15.95 (Chicken tenders on a bet of salad greeens served with your choice of dressing)  Endless Salad Bar $4.95 (enjoy our well stocked salad bar)



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