Hollywood West, FL 2365

Lodge History

Hollywood West Elks Lodge 2365
South Southeast District
Dispensation: January 23, 1967
Charter granted: March 31, 1967
Charter Exalted Ruler: Bernard Dolan

It all began in September of 1966 when Al Ryll, State Chairman of New Lodges held organizational
meetings in the cafeteria of McArthur High School. The interest was high and the seed was planted for the creation
of a new Elks lodge in the western area of Hollywood.
By November 1966, regular meetings were being held and the location changed from the high school to the
fire station on 72nd Avenue in Pembroke Pines. The fellowship was great and plans progressed, but it was evident
that a move was imminent as the meetings were dry.
On January 23, 1967 the Grand Lodge, under Grand Exalted Ruler Raymond Dobson, granted a
dispensation for the creation of a new Elks Lodge to be known as Hollywood West Elks #2365. It also signaled the
move to the Miramar Fire Hall where meetings and social affairs were held on a regular basis. The noticeable
improvement was the addition of libations under the stewardship of Brother Joe Goldstein. Their first bar was his
Ballentine in a tub and cigar box cash register.
Dignitaries present at the institution of Hollywood West were: Past Grand Exalted Ruler, William A. Wall;
Past Grand Exalted Ruler, Lee A. Donaldson; Grand Treasurer, Chelsie J. Senerchia, and Chairman Glenn L. Miller,
of the Grand Lodge Judiciary Committee. State President Jimmy Vann welcomed the officers and members into the
State Association and Past Grand Exalted Ruler Bill Wall was the principal speaker expressing best wishes on behalf
of the Grand Lodge.
The official Charter was granted on March 31, 1967 and the following Brothers were shown as Charter officers:
Exalted Ruler Bernard Dolan
Leading Knight Jim Flannery
Loyal Knight Jim Conklin
Lecturing Knight Russ Leonard
Secretary Forrest Miller
Treasurer Ken Vathauer
Esquire William DeFeo, Jr.
Tiler Art Wagner
Chaplain Steve Fazekas
Inner Guard Lewis Cote
Organist Ed Dwyer
One-Year TrusteeFrank Smith
Two-Year Trustee Art Cooke
Three-Year Trustee Alex Culllin
Four-Year Trustee William DeFeo, Sr.
Five-Year Trustee Mike Mohnach

In the fall of 1967 it was time to find full time quarters and they moved to Dawson Street. The building was
originally a small house, which needed more modifications. The men in the lodge did the work. Men like Lew Cote,
Buck Cote and Jim Flannery built the bar using only the light from a car's headlights parked outside.
Bernard Dolan , Charter Exalted Ruler
Under the guidance of Exalted Ruler Dolan they moved into their new quarters and operated a bottle club
until they were able to obtain a liquor license.
Their second Exalted Ruler, Jim Flannery, was instrumental in creating the "Western Good Guy" image of
white cowboy hats when he was Leading Knight. As Leading Knight Flannery even attended some events on
horseback. The Convention was in Daytona Beach and a bus belonging to Lacy Pratt was used to get the gang there.
It was during this year that negotiations were conducted to obtain a liquor license, and they soon grew out of the
bottle club stage. The National Convention was held in New York City in 1968.
During Frank Boffi's year as Exalted Ruler, many firsts were begun, including the organization of their
bowling league and entry into the District Ritual Contest. This year the lodge sponsored a circus, and found it a
profitable venture. Ed Bailey donated an Eleventh Hour Clock. Russ Leonard was named Elks Of the Year. State
Convention was held in Miami and the national in Dallas, Texas.
In Lewis Cote's year as their fourth Exalted Ruler, they purchased the Davie property. During his year their
ritual team won their first District Title. This was also the year they started their Caribbean Cruises under the
direction of Frank Boffi. Dick McCarty was honored for his daily concerns for the hospitalized, and the crippled
children he took to the clinic.
In Charlie Deshler's year their ritual team entered the State Ritual contest for the first time . This was the
year they got their first District Vice President, when Bernie Dolan was accorded the honor. That year they also
started attending Dolphin Football games .The bus ride was always fun. The State Convention was held in Palm
Beach. Labor Day 1971 was an unforgettable event. The annual picnic was held at their Davie property. It all started
beautifully and then the rains came. They were all parked on the muck and it didn't take long to realize that they had
problems. Finally a farmer and his tractor pulled them out. The National convention was in New Orleans and the Elk
of The Year was Rudy Gersch.
David Hogg was Exalted Ruler in 1972-73.Bernie Dolan became their first District Deputy Grand Exalted
Ruler and was accorded an Honorary Life Membership by the Lodge. In it's sixth year, their Blood Bank was
growing and the lodge adopted a resolution to name it after founder, Joe Goldstein. The officers took on a new look
as gray lodge jackets displaying the Elks emblem and office were worn for the first time. Past Grand Exalted Ruler
Bill Wall visited the lodge this year, his first visit to Hollywood West. The state convention was in Orlando and the
Hollywood West hospitality room jumped with live organ music, hauled all the way from Hollywood. Brother Dick
Gardner joined the Orlando City Works Department as he re-installed a sign, which a police officer watched him
remove. The national convention was held in Atlantic City and Angelo Balardini was named Elk of The Year.
Their seventh Exalted Ruler was Dick Gardner. During this year they won a first place award for Flag Day
Ceremony, under the direction of Harold Young. The big event of 1972-73 was the creation of the Westettes. Reba

Retter served as their first President, from November 1973 through April 1975. The annual convention was held in
Miami and the National Convention in Chicago. Lou Herremans was recognized as Elk of the Year.
Bob Thomas was their eighth Exalted Ruler. Crews continued working on the Davie property. Fill was
added, the pump house built and a well drilled. Many good times were held there.... picnics--both planned and
impromptu and Thanksgiving dinners. He attended the state convention in St. Petersburg and to Miami for the Grand
Lodge Convention.
Tragedy struck in the fall of 1974 when a fire hit the Lodge. Everyone pulled together and the bar cleaned
and redecorated. True to the spirit of Hollywood West, they never lost a day of business. During that year the
Westettes presented new officers jewels to the Lodge.
In 1975-76 Gene Wallace was Exalted Ruler. This year the state convention came to Hollywood and they
made many new friends with four days of fun. In preparation for the convention they carpeted the lodge room,
purchased new chairs and painted the building. It also gave fame to their pancake brunch, which thrived ever after.
They marched in the City of Hollywood's Bicentennial Parade; carrying a huge thirteen star flag. The
Lodge room was also remodeled and a new bar built. Helen Gardner was President of the Westettes and the Ladies
presented the lodge with an electronic organ, new tables and bar stools.
Their tenth Exalted Ruler was Fred Beauregard, and Lodge modifications continued as the kitchen was
expanded. A pool table and shuffleboard were added in the lounge. The fall was highlighted by the third annual golf
tournament. Sophie Rennie was President of the Westettes. Among the support received from them was assistance in
remodeling the kitchen. The State Convention was held in Miami Beach and Grand Lodge in New Orleans. Elk of
the Year was Dick Burns.
Dick Ferguson was their eleventh Exalted Ruler in 1978-79. It was the beginning of regular steak dinners,
brunches continued to be a huge success and they roasted a pig all night before the Super Bowl, and raffled off a live
turkey. Monday night football was watched on a big screen TV in the lounge. Rick Ricciardelli made his first Friday
night appearance and they began to enjoy inter-lodge soft ball games and picnics on Sunday afternoons. Dolores
Burns served as fourth President of the Westettes. The ladies began their afternoon card parties and as was their
custom continued to support the lodge.
Past Exalted Rulers
1967-68 Bernard F. Dolan, Charter Exalted Ruler; District Vice President 1971-72 ; District Deputy Grand
Exalted Ruler, 1972-73.
1968-69 James Flannery
1969-70 Frank Boffi
1970-71 Lewis Cote, District Vice President 1979-80. District Deputy 1980-81.
1971-72 Charles Deshler
1972-73 David Hogg
1973-74 Richard Gardner
1974-75 Robert Thomas, Sr.
1975-76 Gene Wallace
1976-77 Alfred Beauregard
1977-78 Richard Ferguson
1978-79 Kenneth Gilstrap
1979-80 Frank Bayne
1980-81 Charles Kelley
District Vice President 1987-88
District Deputy 1988-89
1981-82 Charles Lovell
1982-83 Vincent Lombardo
1983-84 George Audette
1984-85 David Felt
1985-86 Frank Gomez
1986-87 Charles Curtin
1987-88 William "BJ" Smith
1988-89 Wendell Hibdon
1989-90 Ken Caldwell
1990-91 John Fink
1991-92 Courtney Warrendeltz

Ken Gilstrap was their twelfth Exalted Ruler. He instituted the theme '79 is Building time" and launched a
bond drive with permission from Grand Lodge. This was the year their "rat pack " was born. Members of the "Rat
Pack" wore appropriately adorned orange-yellow tee shirts as they encouraged all members to become involved in
lodge activities. Sue Ferguson was Westettes President and they kicked off the building fund campaign with a
$1,000 donation. The State Convention was held in Daytona Beach and the National Convention was held in San
Diego. Elk of The Year was Jim Weed.
Frank Bayne was Exalted Ruler in 1979-80. This lodge year PER Lewis Cote became District vice
President. The men of Hollywood West took on a new look in 1979 as the orange lodge jackets replaced the grey.
Soon their colors became the official color for all of the State Officers. Genny Beauregard was president of the
Westettes and the ladies presented $2,000 to the building fund. The State Convention was held in Kissimmee and
the National Convention was held in Dallas. Elk of the Year was Russell Ramey.
Chuck Kelly was their fourteenth Exalted Ruler, and Brother Louis Cote was installed as our second
District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler. Membership night was a new program instituted by Chuck to improve
membership and these efforts paid off as they were recognized by Grand Lodge with an award for net growth. Rae
Dombrowski was President of the Westettes. This year the ladies presented the Lodge with two checks of $1,000
each and had the organ repaired. The state convention was held in Miami Beach and the Grand Lodge Convention in
New Orleans. Elk of the Year was Georges Machy.
Their fifteenth Exalted Ruler was Charles "Scotty " Lovell. Youth Activities and the building fund drew
major emphasis during Scotty's year. This year they hosted the District Hoop Shoot contest and sent several
youngsters on to receive state awards. Marnie Bayne served as president of the Westettes and the ladies presented
Exalted Ruler Scotty $2,500 for the building fund. The State Convention was held in Orlando and the Grand Lodge
Convention in Las Vegas. The Elk of the Year was Lou Susi.
In 1982 Vincent Lombardo became the sixteenth Exalted Ruler. It was during Vinnie's year that they
purchased property, and on Sunday, March 6, 1983 the official ground breaking ceremony was held at the site of
their new lodge. Officially presiding over the ceremonies was Past State President, George Nichols. Before all this
took place however, it was during Chuck Kelley's year that the Davie property was sold, thus providing seed money
for the new land. Marge Saredy was president of the Westettes in 1982-83. The ladies continued to hold numerous
functions which were designed to raise money as the prospect of a new building became a reality. The State
Convention was held in Daytona Beach and the Grand Lodge in Chicago. Elk of the Year was Andy Masiello.
George Audette became their seventeenth Exalted Ruler in 1983. While George's year was filled with
many accomplishments, he also faced adversity. Our new building had reached a standstill while the old facility had
been sold and they were forced out. The final three months of the lodge year were spent with meetings being held at
Hollywood 1732 and the installation for 1984-85 took place at Plantation Lodge. This was to be the year that the
"lodge without a home" took "All District" honors for every officer at Ritual Contest. The traveling bowling team
won the State Championship and the Hollywood West Clown Arounds were formed. Trudy Gomez was Westettes'
president and the ladies continued to work diligently in support of the lodge. The best kept secret of this year was at
the last function in the "old lodge" the ladies presented the lodge with a check for $5,000 to purchase a bond. The
Grand Lodge Convention was held in Hawaii and the State Convention was in Tampa.
Their eighteenth Exalted Ruler was David Felt. Dave began his year homeless, but that was not to last for
long. On May 11, 1984 Hollywood West opened its doors at 7190 Davie Road Extension. On June 16,1984 the
Grand Opening of their new lodge was held and on October 7, 1984 the official dedication took place with the
ribbon cutting being done by Past Grand Exalted Ruler Robert Grafton. This ceremony marked the culmination of
the efforts of hundreds of men and women of Hollywood West #2365. Westlettes president in 1984 was Carolyn
Audette. The ladies, as always, were a great help as they moved into their new home. In addition to all their help
they also presented the lodge with a new three-tap beer cooler, a commercial frylator and a $500 donation to the
ritual team. The State Convention was held in Daytona Beach and the National Convention in Houston.
Frank Gomez became the first Exalted Ruler to be installed in the new lodge in 1985. Their new facility
and location brought a membership gain that had been seen in the previous nineteen years, and the lodge was
honored by Grand Lodge for its membership gain. The ritual team was again winners at this years contest. Sandi
Smith became the twelfth president of the Westettes and the ladies continued to provide much needed equipment for
the lodge . Smoke eaters, a TV door monitoring and locking system , a P.A. System and a Kitchen - Aid Machine
were just a few of their significant gifts. The state convention was held in Tampa and the Grand Lodge in Seattle,
Charles Curtin was their twentieth Exalted Ruler. 1986 found Hollywood West prospering in its new home,
which already had received a new addition of a game room to test the members sporting talents. The Dinty Moore
Christmas was the largest held and in excess of 200 children were delighted with a visit from Santa who was
assisted by the Clown Arounds. Maggie Craig assumed the presidency of the Westettes in 1986 and along with
Exalted Ruler Charlie continued to work for the progress of Hollywood West.
B. J. Smith was Exalted Ruler in 1987-88. Hollywood West was again honored when Charles Kelley
became their third District Vice President. The ritual team once again brought home honors to the lodge from the
district ritual contest. Their blood bank continued to grow as did the steak dinners and Sunday Brunch. They
continued their ever-popular Children's Easter Egg Hunt and family Thanksgiving dinner. Their pig roast was
changed from Super Bowl Sunday to the fourth of July picnic. Ginny McLoughlin was Westettes president and the
ladies continued their support of the lodge with their time and gifts. One of these gifts was a new set of officers
jewels which were worn for the first time when they participated in the ritual contest., A fund to help with repairs to
the building was started , and the first repairs were to the outside of the building . This fund is still in existence
Wendell Hibdon became their twenty-first Exalted Ruler in 1988, and Chuck Kelley was installed as
District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler. Courtney Warrenfeltz became Drug Awareness Chairman and invited the
ladies to join the committee. This year they held the "Elks 1st annual benefit " with the grand prize of $18,000
cash... Plus many other prizes. Colonel Newman hosted a "Womanless Wedding", their Super Bowl Sunday party
and Drug Awareness spaghetti dinner/essay contest awards program were most successful, as was the rousing Irish
feast for Saint Patrick's Day. Marygrace Felt was president of the Westettes. The ladies added to the fund for repairs
and improvements plus donating another $1,500 to the lodge.
Kenny Caldwell was installed as the twenty third Exalted Ruler in 1989. The year started off with a
birthday party for a special little neighborhood boy who was battling cancer. The lodge held a raffle and along with
the Westettes donated money towards his medical expenses. They were saddened to hear that on November 12, 1989
his battle was lost. Under Kenny's leadership they continued with past functions, added some new ones and ended
up with a most successful year. Eileen Leroy was Westettes president in 1989-90. Contributions from the ladies this
year included a beer cooler, tile for the back porch, a coffee pot, ceiling tiles for the entire lodge plus money
contributions of $3,000.
1990-91 saw John Fink as the twenty-fourth Exalted Ruler. He too held many successful functions, a few of
which were the first drug awareness walk-a-thon to help the "Starting Place" and the first Stray Elk Program .The
new lodge was starting to need repairs and with the installation of the new ceiling tiles they decided that it was time
to replace the carpet in the lounge. New wallpaper was hung in the lodge room, the back bar was renovated and new
equipment was added to the kitchen. Gloria DeVita was the Westettes president and continued in the way they had
done in the past with contributions of their time, talents and money. The draperies in the lodge room were donated
by the ladies in 1990-91.
Courtney Warrenfeltz was their twenty-fifth Exalted Ruler . He too carried on the programs of past years.
Adversity again touched the lodge and hearts , when in October the Westettes lost both their President, Sandi Smith
and Vice President, Eleanore Klyberg to cancer within four days. Trudy Gomez took over as President and Dolores
Monahan became Vice President to finish out the year.
Hollywood West Westettes
Reba Retter, who was acting as chairman, called the organizational meeting of the Westettes to order at
8:00 pm on September 12, 1973.
Richard Gardner, then Exalted Ruler, gave a short address welcoming the 43 ladies present. He briefly
explained the association with the Hollywood West Elk's Lodge.
At this first meeting proposed by-laws were read and approved. Nominations were held for charter officers.
They were: Reba Retter, President; Dolores Knodler, Vice President; Sophie Rennie, Treasurer; Sue Ferguson,
Recording Secretary; and Joann Tagg, Corresponding Secretary.
Acting Chairman Reba Retter called their second meeting to order on October 10, 1973. Charles Deshler,
Liaison officer from the Elks Lodge, gave a short talk outlining what we could and could not do as an organization
within the Lodge. Nominations from the floor were held, followed by elections with the ladies nominated at the first
meeting elected. Helen Gardner showed the first Christmas card she was preparing for the Elks bulletin.

A potluck buffet for their first Installation of officers was planned for November 21, 1973. They made and
filled Christmas stockings for the children at Harry-Anna, sold 2 year calendars , provided and served a buffet for
the Elks Installation of Officers, held a work party to clean the kitchen and provided new kitchen and provided new
kitchen towels. Purchases this year included a banner for the Elks Lodge, Westette's pins and gifts for their outgoing
Exalted Rulers Dick Gardner and Bob Thomas. Since their first year began in September, they worked with two
Exalted Rulers. They also bought five dozen ash trays, and Altar cloth and gave $20 for the Golf Tournament to the
Past Presidents Westettes
Reba Retter Marge Saredy
Helen Gardner Trudy Gomez
Sophie Rennie Carolyn Audette
Dolores Burns Sandi Smith
Sue Ferguson Maggie Craig
Genny Beauregard Rae Dombrowski
Virginia McLoughlin Marygrace Felt
Marnie Bayne Eileen Leroy
Gloria DeVita
Dick and Helen Gardner presented the club with their first birthday cake at the November 1974 meeting.
Ladies from the Plantation Elkettes presided at their installation. They also initiated 68 charter members
that night.
President Reba suggested at the January meeting that one year run from April to April to correspond with
the Elks year and that the present officers stay in office until April 1975. They voted on the change that night.
Frank Boffi was their second Liaison officer. In that first year many things begun that have become
traditions. Among these are the purchase of a Harry-Anna certificate, the 50/50 jackpot after every meeting - with
Grace Weimann the first winner, collecting $17.50 . Bulletin editor, Dick Gardner, started the Westette's page in the
May issue. Sue Ferguson was the first reporter.
In June we decided to purchase purple material for vests to be worn with white slacks, shirt and cowboy
hats. Mary Weed ordered the fabric at $2.88 a yard . They proudly wore this uniform for the first time to the Elks
National Convention in July.
Their firsts that year were the 30 item raffle, with 616 tickets sold. They had their first amateur hour, held a
Christmas party complete with Santa and gift exchange at the December meeting. They also initiated the custom of
providing a special Christmas for a needy child in the community. The first year $100 was budgeted for this.
Functions held that year were bunco party, two Dolphin dances, two rummage sales and a Christmas craft
In their second year officers were installed by the Exalted Ruler of Hollywood West Elks 2365 Lodge.
Helen Gardner was installed as President, Sue Ferguson, Vice President, Mary Weed, Recording Secretary, Sophie
Rennie, Treasurer, and Mary Payne, Corresponding Secretary. Lou Cote was their Liaison Officer.
It was a busy year. New programs for the year were the appointment of Genny Beauregard as their first
Chaplain and Stella Boffi as their first Guard. Gertrude Cullen began the first of many years as chair lady of their
craft group.
They changed the club colors to purple and white. May Weed and Sue Ferguson attended the Ladies
Conference in Homestead as delegates. Sophie Rennie made an Altar clother for use at their meetings and Joe
Goldstein presented them with a Bible in memory of his wife Peg.
The men asked for their help with functions and participated with them in the City of Hollywood's Bi-
Centennial parade and helped them with a booth at T-Y Park after the parade. They also participated in their Flag
Day ceremony for the first time.
Genny Beauregard, Stella Boffi and Dolores Burns volunteered as the first nominating committee. The
previous years officers were all nominated from the floor.
The year was a successful one, keeping them all very busy. Fund raising events were Bingo, Kiddie Party
Dance, 30 item raffle, rummage sale, Trick or Treat Dance , Christmas card, WGMA radio Community Campaign
,jewelry demonstrations , Christmas bazaar, charity bazaar, and candy sales. They also saved Stokley labels to
purchase a red wagon for Harry - Anna Hospital.
Gifts to the Lodge that year included a camera to be used for a raffle, the organ, half the proceeds from the
Christmas card and 15 tables to be used in the newly remodeled lounge.
Newly elected officers were Sophie Rennie, President; Genny Beauregard, Vice President; Mary Weed,
Treasurer; Ruth Deshler, Recording Secretary and Dolores Burns, Corresponding Secretary. Anita Susi was
Chaplain and Marnie Bayne Guard. Dick Ferguson was Liaison Officer.
Once again they had a busy year. Fund raising projects were two bazaars and bake sales, rummage sale,
beach party (held in the lodge backyard) Third Anniversary Dance and 30 item raffle, a Back to School Dance,
Bunco Party, Sweetheart Dance, WGMA radio program and sale of two year calendars, candles, Westettes
cookbook and the Christmas card.
They initiated a few more new programs and projects in this year. They included an attendance drawing
with Anta Susi the first winner. They also decided that the Guard and Chaplain should be included in the Installation
of Officers ceremony and they held their first Fathers Day program and dinner in 1976. They bought themselves a
file cabinet and put their name on the booster page in the Elks bulletin. Anita Susi and Sue Ferguson were delegates
to the Ladies Conference in Stuart. President Sophie was a speaker at one of the conference workshops. For the first
time they voted to give a $100.00 check to Harry - Anna Hospital at the conference.
Gifts to the lodge that year were an electric grill, the Eleventh Hour Clock for the new lounge, a prize for
the golf tournament , $350 toward the remodeling of the kitchen and a new artificial Christmas tree for the lounge .
They also presented the lodge with new stations.
In February they were asked to help the ladies of Margate lodge to organize a ladies group. Several
Westettes went to help them by explaining to them their formation and functions within the lodge.
At the October meeting past vice presidents Dolores Knodler and Sue Ferguson were appointed to fill the
vacancies of trustees Reba Retta and Helen Gardner.
President Shophie had back surgery in February and Vice President Genny Beauregard took over to finish
out the year.
Average attendance at the meetings in the early years was 35.
Officers this year were Dolores Burns, President; Ruth Deshler, Vice President; Louise Savaiko, Recording
Secretary; Sara Altizio, Treasurer; Irene Joppien, Corresponding Secretary; Gertrude Cullen, Chaplain; Rae
Domgrowski, Guard and Russell Ramey was Liaison Officer.
At the beginning of their 4th year they continued with past successful functions. They held the craft bazaar
at Sears Mall in the spring and a Christmas bazaar in front of Zayre's , two rummage sales , craft table at the
monthly brunch and the Christmas card in the December bulletin. They held their second Fathers Day program , a
fifty's dance and their annual anniversary dance and 30 item raffle. After their meetings they held a jewelry show, a
copper demonstration and a plant sale. They also sold greeting cards, stationary and calendars.
Their first card party was held in June with Dolores Knodler as chairman and their Helpful Hints booklet
went on sale in December.
They continued their Christmas Charity and participated in the Ladies of Elks Penny-A-Day program for
Harry-Anna Hospital sponsored by the ladies of Stuart-Jensen. They sold Harry-Anna medallions and Christmas
cards with pictures drawn by the children at the hospital . Sophie Rennie and Rusty Gilstrap were delegates to the
Ladies Conference in Plantation.
Their gifts to the Elks this year were a new public address system, a heavy duty vacuum cleaner, steak
knives and some other kitchen equipment.
President Sue Ferguson
Vice President Rae Dombrowski

Recording Secretary Marian Ramey
Treasurer Marnie Bayne
Corresponding Secretary Betty McHugh
Chaplain Eleanor Layton
Guard Velma Cote
Installing Officer Dick Ferguson, Exalted Ruler
Liaison Officer Jack Conklin
Their baby years were now behind them and their work load seemed to slow down a bit, although the
treasury continued to grow and they had more members getting involved. Membership continued to grow. They
continued their successful ventures such as craft table at Sunday Brunches, Card parties, demonstrations after
meetings, Christmas card, while adding new things such as collecting Pantry Pride register tapes to "buy" prizes for
use at card parties or raffles.
The Fathers Day program and the "Gong Show" were well attended. Once again their Anniversary dance
was a sellout and the 30-item raffle beat the year before in sales.
They continued to support Harry-Anna Hospital with certificates, penny cans and a check to them at the
Ladies Conference. At Christmas they enjoyed another successful party and helped another needy family. They also
had their annual bazaar and bake sale, moving this time to Publix . They again sold two-year calendars.
To help the men this year they gave prizes for their Las Vegas night and golf tournament. They also gave
them a much needed copy machine for the office.
Building Fund fever grew during this year and twice during the year they gave the men checks for $1000.
Dolores Burns started a Ladies of Elks Dime a Day Building Fund Drive and many members participated. The men
held a successful Building Fund Ball and the Westettes volunteered to make the decorations and help them set up the
hall at the VFW.
In October Mary Lou Conway was installed as Chaplin to finish out the year when Eleanor Layton moved
Dolores Burns and Rusty Gilstrap went to Cocoa Beach as delegates to the Ladies Conference.
President Genny Beauregard
Vice President Dorothy Murphy
Recording Secretary Marian Ramey
Treasurer Barbara Talmadge
Corresponding Secretary Lillian Newman
Chaplain Margorie Wolf
Guard Dolores Knodler
Liaison Officer Jack Conklin
While they held their own functions they were fewer but they cooperated more their efforts toward helping
the men with their brunches, Steak dinners and the Blood Bank. They also worked on the Las Vegas night, the July
picnic ; salute to committee night , decorating the lodge at various functions and then helped wrap Christmas
presents for their annual Children's Christmas party. This year they donated prizes for the blood bank dinner and
golf tournament. They gave them a tape recorder and $1,000 for the building fund at the anniversary dance and
another $1000 at the installation of officers.
Genny and her committees continued their fundraisers of monthly card parties, brunch craft sales,
Christmas card and demonstrations after meetings. Capacity crowds attended all the Fathers Day program, Gong
Show, and Anniversary Dance. The 30-item raffle continued to be one of the most popular events. They again
supported Harry-Anna with their pennies and sale of their Christmas cards.
For the first time this year they raised the amount spent on the Christmas charity to $150. Other firsts this
year were an additional donation to Harry-Anna Hospital made possible through the efforts of Liz Cowles, who
made us some lovely ceramic "tip cups" that we use on the tables at all functions. Our members also donated
Christmas gifts to the Florida State Hospital patients for the first time.
Ladies Conference delegates Dorothy Murphy and Sue Ferguson went to New Smyrna Beach where for the
first time the club received a certificate for their donations to Harry-Anna Hospital. It was during this year that they wore new name badges to conferences and conventions.
President Rae Combrowski
Vice President Marnie Bayne
Recording Secretary Marygrace Felt
Corresponding Secretary Madeline Balardini
Chaplain Marge Saredy
Guard Claudia Lombardo