District No. 1400

for Lodge: Special Events, Catering, New Information

*Glass is not allowed on the roof deck. The roof membrane could be easily pierced by glass. Thanks for your help in keeping our facility in good shape.

*Members are asked to be thoughtful when inviting guests for social hours Friday evenings. The popularity of our Fridays has grown such that we sometimes experience over-crowding. We hope to avoid limiting the number of guests one may invite. Your consideration of our capacity is most appreciated.

*In order to best serve our members and manage our resources, dinners require pre-payment to hold a reservation. Dinner ticket prices will not include gratuity for staff. Please consider your waitstaff and tip appropriately. These events include Mother's Day Dinner, New Year's Eve celebration, Valentine's Day Dinner and other events as added to the calendar. Thanks for your understanding and support.

*Parents are respectfully requested to supervise their children while in the Home Club. When we are at capacity our little ones can be jostled by the big people and are at risk of injury. The Lodge Room is open and available most Friday nights for our children. Please ensure one parent is supervising. There are board games and a Wii for their use.

*Please tip your waitstaff appropriately at all Lodge events.

*Members are asked to bus their own (and their guests') barware at all times.

*Profanity is not allowed on the premises. Please be considerate of others and honor your commitment as an Elk.

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