District No. 1400

Membership Committee

CONGRATULATIONS! You have decided to sponsor a new candidate for membership in our Order and particularly in our Lodge. A new rule for beginning this sponsorship is that you must spend some time volunteering in some service work recognized by the lodge. Additionally, your candidate shall also participate in our volunteer efforts. The proposer must spend a total of 3 hours volunteering at a function of the lodge or in some function approved by the Lodge. (In order for you to complete this requirement, please check with a lodge officer to select a task or two.)
The new candidate will spend a total of 10 hours doing likewise. This work can be completed in a number of different steps or ways. (The 10 hour total doesn't have to be completed in one sitting) It will be the responsibility of the sponsor to make sure this requirement is completed.

Membership applications may be picked up at any membership meeting, BEFORE 7pm, from the Committe. Any committee member will be happy to answer your questions on your duties as propser and the process overall.

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