District No. 3480

Placemat Fund Raiser

After the Lodge #217 Ladies Auxiliary was formed. The next step was--what do we do now and where do we get the money? The ladies came up with the idea of placemats that would be sold for $100 per year. The mats are printed from the computer onto parchment paper and placed under the tabletop glass. The target audience is businesses, members, and friends of the lodge. The information can include business info, a memorial to a loved one, or just a name from a lodge supporter. In #217, there are 9 tables in the lounge area each with four places, this provided 36 places. The first year yielded $3200. Any unsold spaces are used to "barter" for services needed for the lodge, such as painting, repairs, etc.

The Lodge has benefited through Lodge renovations, carpeting, new tables for the meeting/dining room, sponsoring a dart tournament (to make more money!!) and much more.

We would be glad to assist any other Lodges that would be interested in this project. Call 270-444-7275 or e mail the Webmaster.

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