Boca Raton, FL 2166

There is a Lodge Committee that Needs You!

Serving on a committee is fun and easy! Please consider joining one of these great committees. Contact the lodge or committee chairperson for more details.

Community Service Activities - Brenda Balme
Elks National Foundation--Jeanne DeCicco
Lodge Activities--VACANT
Americanism Coordinator--Richard Dunne
Flag Day Coordinator--Bob Warke
Government Relations Coordinator--Virginia Bauer
Memorial Day Coordinator--Tim Glick
National Veterans Service Coordinator--Charlotte Healy, PER, PDD
PER Association--Presiding Officer--Charlotte Healy, PER, PPD
Public Relations Coordinator--Andrea Fernandez
Visiting Committee Coordinator--VACANT
Membership Chairperson--Don Sullivan, PER
Indoctrination/Orientation Coordinators---Don Sullivan, PER
Investigation/Interview Coordinator--Melba Hebert
Lapsation Coordinator--VACANT
Youth Activities Chairperson – VACANT
Drug Awareness Coordinator--Marilyn
Hoop Shoot Coordinator--Tito Young, PER
Soccer Shoot Coordinator--John Allsopp
Wapiti Helpers –Linda Barie, content & emails
-John Allsopp, photos
Wapiti Editor--Bob Warke
Americanism (Patrick Graesch)