District No. 4280

Food Menu and Prices

**Currently Closed**

Please note that prices are subject to change. Pollack $13.00; Whitefish and Perch - Market Price; all fish dinners 1/2 orders available. Steak Sandwich $11.00; Rib Eye Steak-14 oz. $20..95 Shrimp (deep fried or steamed) $17.50;  1/2 Chicken $10.95;  1/4 Chicken $8.95; (5) Chicken Tenders $9.50 (3) Chicken Tenders $7.50;(10) Wings $10.00; (6) Wings $8.00; Hamburger $8.00 includes fries; Cheese Burger $8.25 includes fries;  **Dinners include Salad Bar, Potato, Rolls, and Coffee. **Whitefish and Pollack full orders are all you can eat.

**New** Kids Menu

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