Oceanside, CA 1561

District No. 1120

Hugs from Home Elks #1561

Oceanside BPOE 1561’s “Hugs from Elks 1561” program was established in October 2008 to provide special services and support to our military men and women serving overseas. It is comprised of a group of dedicated Elks, and friends of Elks volunteers, lead by the program’s founder and chairman, Sandee Murphy. Material items and monetary donations are solicited from businesses and other organizations from our surrounding communities. We fill 12x12x12 boxes with food items, sundry items, toiletry items, medical supplies, cosmetics, socks, portable showers, games, fly swatters, bug spray, electrical tape, duct tape, safety pins, etc. …let your imagination be your guide. We then send these boxes overseas to the remote mountain and desert areas. Each box also contains letters from us…it’s their touch with home….it shows them that we do care. The troops find a use for each and every item we send, no matter how small or large, conventional or strange, they’ll find a use for it, and greatly appreciate it. They then send us ‘Hugs’ back through their thank you notes and pictures. This is just “one” example of their appreciation ‘Hugs to Us’ for what we provide them:

>> Hello Ma'am,

> I was meaning to send you an email earlier to let you know how thankful I
> was to receive your gift through Barrett. I appreciate you thinking of us
> while we are over here. Here is a picture we took recently down here at the
> port. 

> V/r,
> SSgt Trayonna Bradley
> Special Handling 
> Days 0030-1230
> 442-2706


I'm a member of Sgt Medina's team and just got a bag from the care package
your lodge sent. I wanted to take a minute to thank you so much for sending
the package to him. He shared it with the rest of the teams (about 9 guys)
and we appreciate the gesture more than words can express. I'd also like to
give credit where it's due, you guys put together a package that trumps many
we've received. You definitely exceeded our needs, and for that I thank you.
I'm a fan of the work that Elks Lodges do, I briefly worked for Lodge 158 in
Springfield, IL as a lifeguard and met many great families in the process.
Again, thank you for your support, it's great to know we have so much
support back home (especially from you guys in O-Side, I'm sure that there
are moments where the community is tired of Marines causing trouble haha)

Thank you,
LCpl Moore, Zachary F
1st Radio Bn, USMC (FWD)
SST4 Team Linguist=

This is cpl Lampkin and I would like to thank you for the shooter. I think we 
having to much fun cuz ever body the order marshmallow so we can shoot them at 
each other. Once a gain thank you take care and god bless you. 

LCPL Derek Lampkin
R 40G 1 MEF

“HELLO ALL, THIS IS BRANDEN MUCIA, WE HAVE RECIEVED YOUR PACKAGES HERE IN IRAQ AND CAN USE EVERYTHING INSIDE THEM. ALL THE GUYS APPRECIATE ALL THE GOODIES YOU SENT US. TRUST ME SOME OF THE GUYS NEEDED THE SOAP IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. I KNOW THAT EVERYONE HERE LOVES GETTING PACKAGES FROM THE LODGE SINCE THEY HOUND ME IF I HAD RECEIVED ANY MORE. ITS GOOD TO KNOW THAT EVEN WITH THE COUNTRY IN A GREAT DEAL OF ECENOMIC TURMOIL THAT THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE OUT THEIR THAT SUPPORT WHAT WE DO AND ARE WILLING TO TAKE THE TIME TO LET US KNOW. WE COULDNT THANK YOU ENOUGH, FROM THE MARINES OF 2ND BLT 1ST MARINES, GOLF CO. 4TH PLT AND YOUR FELLOW ELK. THANKYOU, STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY, HAVE A DRINK FOR ME, WE WILL BE HOME SOON! BRANDEN S MUCIA 2/1 GOLF CO 4TH PLT MACHINE GUNS! 2ND BN 1ST MAR DIV” Meanwhile, on the home front, our ‘Hugs from Elks 1561’ program provides support services for the spouses and children of these deployed troops by hosting holiday parties and get-togethers, as well as, making monetary donations to them, while their husbands and wives and fathers are fighting the fight for us. Our VA Hospital and veterans are also recipients of our good will program, ‘Hugs from Elks 1561’. We sincerely hope and pray that they will all return home safely and, maybe…..just maybe, become and Elk one day! THANK YOU FROM 430TH EECS A huge thank you for the awesome care package! From All of us at the 430th EECS(expeditionary electronic communication squadron) thank you! Here are some photos of me and the goodies.I also included a photo of the aircraft we fly over here. We plan on taking the items you all sent and enjoy them on our very long 10 hour flights. Thank you again for your support of the troops...it means more to us than you may realize. Respectfully, SCOTT R. FRAZIER, Maj. (s), USAF E-11A Pilot, 430th EECS, Kandahar letter & pictures furnished by, Sandee Murphy Chairman, Hugs from Home Elks #1561 below is a note we recieved form a grateful marine and canine marine! Dear Elks Lodge,I would like to say, “thank you” for the goodies that we were sent in the box. I am a dog handler with the 3rdBattalion 4th Marines, and first thing I saw in the box was a ball. Well, so did my dog! She didn’t hesitate to snatch it! Boy, was she excited, she thought that you sent it personally to her. Once again, thank you for everything, it’s awesome to know that there are people back in the states that care. The morale has been boosted, and you have put smiles on all the Marines faces! Thank you. Sincerely, CPL Paiz, Jesse G. Major Frazier of the United State Air Force holding the Soccer Ball that Hugs from Home Elks #1561 Oceanside, CA sent to him in Afghanistan. Hugs from Home sends care packages every month, and is active in supporting our veterans, Wounded Warriors and active military. Thank you veterans for your service! Sandee Murphy Chairman, Hugs from Home Elks #1561 Oceanside, CA Sandee, I received the package today! WOW! thank you so very much for all the great items. My squadron-mates have already helped themselves to the goodies! I guess I have to share. haha. Again, thank you to all those who made the baggies filled with yummy treats. I have included a picture of me holding the ball your sent from the Elks Lodge #1561. Scott SCOTT R. FRAZIER, Maj, USAF 430th EECS, Kandahar Afghanistan

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