Brookfield, IL 1510

Long time members

MEMBER                   INITIATED
William Constable      09-21-1960
James Madler            03-06-1961
Joseph Krizak            05-20-1961
John Myers                02-07-1962
Glen Randles             06-05-1969 

Marty Jackson            03-21-1970
James Ender              01-20-1971
Don Schmalholz         01-20-1971
Garry Warner             11-02-1971
Frank Kvasnicka        10-03-1973
Robert Kintzel             03-09-1974
Herb Bartz, PDDGER         05-07-1975
Robert Rolewicz, DDGER   09-15-1976


It is curious, perhaps, that of the 13 members with the greatest membership longevity, 5 are past Exalted Rulers. 

We offer a “tip of the hat”, in gratitude to ach of these 45+ year members who helped to light the pathway in  Lodge #1510.