Carlinville, IL 1412

Easter Bunny Program

The Elks Easter Bunny program is a long-standing tradition at the Carlinville Elks Lodge. It is unclear when the first bunny started making visits but members recall this tradition back to the 80’s.

The Elks Easter bunny along with members of the Lodge make visits members in the community around this holiday sharing toys, trinkets, food, and friendship. The Easter bunny visits currently include all the Carlinville area nursing homes, the Children’s Garden Daycare, the MCDD school, the CILA homes, the Zion Preschool, and other functions where we have been invited to make a ‘guest appearance”. Elks members visit the nursing home along with the bunny to provide residents a friendly hello and some conversation, leaving a card, book mark, trinket or other token. The children are visited by members and the bunny and provided coloring books. Crayons, puzzles, stuffed animals, toys, and a lots of high fives and smiles.  Residents at MCDD school and the CILA homes often receive a stuffed animal, puzzles, apples, oranges, and juice. They seem to enjoy the visit the most and always want pictures, hugs, high fives and have even invited the bunny to sit at their dinner table. 

In 2010 it appeared that the bunny costume was becoming a little worn and there needed to be a project to purchase a new costume.  The Elks Easter Quarter Auction began that year!  The Quarter auction is usually held in March and is a fundraiser to help continue to support the program. Local vendors and artisans as well as community business sponsors and members provide donations to the auction.  The proceeds are then used to buy the gifts the bunny delivers.
If you need the bunny to appear at your community event or want to know the schedule of appearances, contact us at and check our calendar of events