Carlinville, IL 1412

Lodge Renovation Fundraiser

About the Fundraiser

Through the years, members of our Carlinville Elks lodge have come together to raise and disperse funds for educational, patriotic, and community-minded programs that benefit all members of our community.  Our mission of giving back to our community is something we hope to continue to do for many years.  However, we have spent many years deferring vital maintenance that our Lodge, home of these great programs and events, desperately needs.  Things like a leaking roof in multiple places, an out-of-service kitchen cooler that’s used weekly for events, a walk-in cooler and ice maker that are constantly breaking down.  All are items that we have been putting “band-aids” on for years and are at the point of needing replaced.  

How You Can Help

Would you be willing to donate toward a cause that will help preserve this very important community asset?  If so, your gift today will be placed in an account dedicated to the repair, purchase, and maintenance of essential components of our great lodge.  

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    Mail completed form and donation check to:
    Carlinville Elks Lodge #1412
    201 West Main Street
    Carlinville, Illinois 62626

    Make checks payable to:
    Carlinville Elks Lodge #1412
    Add "Elks Lodge Renovation Fund" on the memo line.

    Every donation, whatever the amount, gets us closer to our goal of preserving a building that has become an important asset to our community and the residents that live here.  It is hard to imagine Carlinville without the Carlinville Elks lodge.

    Thank you for your continued support!