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  • Reservations will be Rewarded.

    Those who make reservations for dining functions will be served ahead of those without them. Your House Committee.

  • Breakfast Every Sunday, 9:00 AM til Noon.

    Breakfast buffet is open to all. All you can eat. Pancakes, French Toast, scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, coffee and orqange juice all for $11.50 except on special occasions. Members, over 65 $9.50

  • Food service will be available on meeting nights and other occasions. Click This Link for the NEW Menu.5/22/2016

    Feb. 1 Taco Night $7.50 Feb. 8 Chef’s Choice $10.00 Feb. 15 Steak Night Feb. 22 Chicken Fried Steak $10.00 Mar. 1 Taco Night $7.50 Mar. 8 Chef’s Choice $10.00 Mar. 15 Steak Night Mar. 22 Chicken Fried Steak $10.00 Mar. 29 Chef’s Choice $10.00 Taco Nights: All you can eat Tacos Chef’s Choice and Taco Nights 6:00 to 7:00 Steak Night: 10 oz. Steak ($14.00) Cooked To Order or Chicken ($12.00) (pre-ordered) Salad Baked Potato Vegetable 6:00 to 7:00 PM Reservations are an absolute must Note: Those with no reservations may not get the Steak. Chicken is also available only if pre-ordered by Thursday afternoons. Call the Lodge at 253-845-9515

  • Daffodil news is now online if you are logged in as a member!

    February/March-2019 editon.

  • PER Meetings will be on the Sunday that the PER's cook at 1:00 PM

  • Election of Officers

    Election of Officers Nomination and election of officers is now upon us. Nominations start with the first regular meeting in February (5 th) and the election of officers will be on the third regular meeting, February 19th. Nomination to an elective office is open to any member in good standing by any member in good standing. Every lodge needs good officers to maintain the continuity of the lodge. Some Lodge officers are members of the Board of Directors and as such shape the financial success of the lodge. Some Lodge officers serve on committees and guide the direction of the lodge. All supply leadership for the lodge. If you are interested in one of the elected officer positions but not quite sure what the duties entail, please feel free to speak with a PER (Past Exalted Ruler) or a current officer about the position you are seeking. The names of the current officers are Exalted Ruler Randy Powell Leading Knight Loyal Knight Pam Fuller Lecturing Knight Hector Gonzalez Secretary Toni Powell Treasurer Keith Rybacki Chaplain Glen Ross Inner Guard Jeremie Neilson Tiler Jeff Ridley Trustees Edie Shook (Chairman) Bob Peck, Diana Mears PER’s that you will currently see at the Lodge are Randy Powell, Steve Scholz, George Jaquish, John Kruse, Orv Goede, Bob Peck, Chuck Tibbs, Keith Rybacki, and Tom Coleman. Again, talk to any of the officers or PER’s about being an officer and let them know how you can serve your lodge.

  • The Christmas Basket program was a HUGE Success

    READ ABOUT OUR CHRISTMAS BASKET PROGRAM This is the Headline & web link to the news paper article concerning the Puyallup Elks Christmas Basket. https://www.thenewstribune.com/news/local/community/puyallup-herald/article222744945.html Did you help? A lot of people did. Glen Ross, Christmas Basket Program Chairman

  • Taco night Will be on the First Friday of the month.

    Next taco night is February, 1. All you can eat for $7.50.

  • Please use Amazon Smile

    READ ABOUT OUR CHRISTMAS BASKET PROGRAM This is the Headline & web link to the news paper article concerning the Puyallup Elks Christmas Basket. https://www.thenewstribune.com/news/local/community/puyallup-herald/article222744945.html Did you help? A lot of people did. Glen Ross, Christmas Basket Program Chairman

  • Bingo with the Orting Veterans

    On the third Monday of every month. Help is always needed.

  • Steak night is on the third Friday.

    Friday February,15 is the next Steak Night. Reservations are Mandatory. Note new prices, Steak, $14.00 Chicken $12.00 Chicken is available but you must ask for it when you make your reservation. NOTE, Reservation must be made by Thursday, noon for chicken.

  • Letter to the GER Click this link

  • LOE Metting Change

    PLEASE NOTE: Starting in October the Ladies meeting will be held on the first Saturday of each month through March at 10:30 am. The exception will be in December when we have our Christmas Party. It is tentatively set for December 11th at 6:00 pm. On Saturday Oct 13th we plan on meeting at the Lodge to make blankets to give to preemies at the hospital. The time is 10:00 -2:00. Please bring a dish to share for a potluck lunch. Our last time for making lunches for New Hope to give to the homeless will be Wednesday, Oct. 24th at 9:30 am. Thanks to our Ladies a $200.00 check was sent to the

  • Newspaper article abour our Food Basket program Click this limk.

    Thank you Puyallup Herald

  • Check out the New Officers on the left side of this page

  • The Pool is closed forr the season. Click this link to see the flyer about cost and things

    Look for opening on May 26th or 27th. weather permitting and if we can get a voulenteer to watch it. Remember, any Lodge Memvber can voulenteer to watch the pool.

  • Memorial Day 2013

    Exalted Ruler Mike Fairbanks, Leading Knight George Jaquish and Loyal Knight Steve Scholz presented a wreath at the Puyallup Memorial Day Celebration. - - .

  • The Puyallup Ladies of ELKS also presented a wreath.

    Pictured with Exalted Ruler Mike Fairbanks are Past President, Linda Haven, President Jan McKail and Past president Nancy Koravaar. .

  • Memorial Day Remberance 2012

    Exalted Ruler Steve Scholz and Leading Knight, Mike Fairbanks placed wreaths at both the Sumner and Puyallup ceremonies. Ladies of Elks President, Jan McKail and Linda Haven Presented for the Puyallup Ladies of Elks at the Puyallup ceramony.

  • Bonny Lake Days was a lot of fun

    On August 21st,at Allan York Park in Bonny Lake, volunteers manned an information booth telling the public about Elkdom.

  • Memorial Day Celebrated by your Lodge

    On Thursday, May27th Flags were placed on graves at the Sumner Cemetery. On Monday, May 31st, wreaths were presented at the Veterans ceremony in Puyallup by the Ladies of Elks and by the Lodge. Bill Casto and Exalted Ruler John Kruse presented for the Lodge. Nita Casto and LOE President, Bev Stewart presented for the Ladies of Elks.

  • The International Traveling Elks Trophy exchange was a huge success!s

    Exalted Ruler John Kruse accepts the Trophy from Exalted Ruler Peter Harris of Suquamish BC Lodge. We will return the Trophy to White Rock BC Lodge on September 18th, so make your plans now to join us there.

  • Dictionaries for Hunt Elementary School

    See where your donations go. The Youth Activities Committee purchased dictionaries for the 3rd grade class at Hunt Elementry School in Puyallup. There were 110 dictionaries handed out on December 11th by Youth Chairman and Lodge Chaplin Lou Kruse and Leading Knight John Kruse,

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