District No. 3480

Lodge Facilities

Louisville Elks Lodge #8 Rental Hall

Louisville Lodge #8 Hobo Camp

Louisville Elks Lodge #8 Pool

We are opened and in full swing!


July 25th Splash Party during the day Movie Night after dark.

July 27th 6 PM - 9 PM Adult SCUBA class FREE!!!!!

August 3rd 2 PM  Ryan Barnett will Host an ARM WRESTLING Seminar. Open to the public.

On August 3rd starting at 2:00 pm we will be hosting an arm wrestling seminar and
demonstration at the pool. Admission to the seminar is free but normal admission applies to the pool if you swim. Arm Wrestling is not just a sport of strength but also technique. The seminar will be conducted by Ryan Barnett currently ranked in the top 20 nationally and will be featured next season on the TV show “Game of Arms.”

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