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About Idaho Elks Rehabilitation

Idaho Elks Rehab, a project of the Idaho State Elks Association, provides funding to nonprofit rehab providers, universities, and local community groups to help improve the lives of Idaho residents and families.

The Idaho State Elks Association is a charitable organization that began working with rehab patients in 1947, when it established a convalescent home for children with polio. The effort grew into the Northwest’s premier rehab system, providing state-of-the art, personalized care at the main Elks Rehab Hospital, the Elks Hearing and Balance Center, and Elks Internal Medicine. The Elks also partnered with St. Luke’s Health System to deliver children’s rehab and specialized wound care.

In 2014, the Idaho Elks transitioned away from providing hands-on rehab services and now—through philanthropic grants—focuses on providing financial support to rehab programs and projects.

Grants may be used for equipment, staff training, research, health education programs, and local projects that enhance the lives of rehab patients in Idaho.

Community Rehab Grants

These grants fund rehab projects that help make communities more healthy and accessible. Projects could include building an accessible trail or a ramp for a fishing dock, installing an automatic door at a senior center, or helping fund a wheelchair-accessible van.

Idaho Elks Rehab Local Lodge Grants

Idaho Elks Rehab Local Lodge Grants are intended to help local lodges address some unmet physical rehabilitation need in their community. They offer your lodge an opportunity to make a significant and meaningful difference in their community through an Elks-sponsored project.

Rehab Medicine Grants

These grants are awarded to rehab providers, universities, or other nonprofit organizations like cities or counties. Monies can be used to purchase capital rehab equipment, offer continuing education to rehab professionals, provide rehab-related community education, or fund research.

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