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    MEMBERS! Hope all ya’ll are doing great this week! I’ve been one busy antlered animal this week and it’s really flown by. I can’t believe IT'S FRIDAY ALREADY! Speaking of Friday – do you all know what the Queen is doing this week? She’s hanging out in the lounge waiting for someone to pick her out on the board. For that lucky winnah she’s gonna give them a nice healthy “spring fling”. We’ve got a jackpot starting tonight at $30,794 – and I know we’ll be over $32K before we draw it tonight. If that didn’t get your attention, get on out and get a ticket for the Cake Raffle – our own member Kim James has whipped up another great one for this week. I’ve been lucky enough to have people share it with me and I got my hooves onto a couple slices here and there. If you win, just look around for a drooling, antlered, hungry looking Elk and know I’d love to share in your good fortune! TONIGHT for your dining pleasure we’ve got Chef Dan-o spinning the PIZZAS out of the kitchen. We’ve got all your favorite toppings – so if you’re hungry come on out for a great pizza! Please know, we’ve got to draw the line somewhere, so we’ve got enough dough to make 48 pizzas, so if you want in, get out, call out, and be ready to enjoy that pizza! After you’ve taken a chance on the Queen, tried to add a few calories on the cake, and enjoyed Dan’s pizza, we’ve got Bobby Reed playing all your favorite songs. Bobby’s a great friend of mine – and I really love singing along (I sing quietly since my Elk bellows aren’t exactly tuneful to most). Come on out and enjoy! Since we’re close to St. Patty’s Day – come on out and get a Black & Tan, or maybe some Crème de Mint, or just your favorite drink to prepare for the wearin’ o’ tha green in two weeks! We’ve got a Turkey Shoot – or maybe a Corned Beef shoot – on Sunday at 1 – so if you need a corned beef to celebrate St. Patty’s Day – come on out and try your luck! Your Antlered Amigo Elroy D. Elk