Millstone, NJ 2613

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  • Millstone Elks Horseshoe League

    Millstone Elks #2613 Horseshoe League The horseshoe league started in 2001 with only 6 pits and has grown by leaps and bounds. We currently have 15 pits. The league started with 14 teams in 2001 and has grown to 30 teams with a waiting list to get in. There have been many positives through the years. The League has donated to numerous committees and improvements to the lodge over the years. There have also been many donations of labor work through the years, as many people seem to forget. The league has grown into one big family from what we have seen. We are a group that will stand by each other’s side in good and bad. We are very honored to be a part of this and very honored all of you have stuck by our sides for some time now. Hope everyone enjoys the web site. Jon McLaughlin Rich Francis Contact us: