Pompton Lakes, NJ 1895

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  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

    U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: An online directory with contact information and dept. phone numbers.

  • Make the Connection

    Shared experiences and support for Veterans. Whether you left the military decades ago or just recently transitioned to civilian life, Veterans share a common bond of duty, honor, and service.

  • Veterans Health Registry

    Special Environmental Health Registry Evaluation Programs for Veterans. VA maintains several health registry evaluation programs to track the health of Veterans exposed to environmental hazards during military service.

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    Veterans Information For Help With Claims Assistance, Just to talk Or Other Needs.

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    The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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    American Gold Star Mothers, We're an organization of mothers who have lost a son or daughter in the service of our country.

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    Vietnam Veterans' Memorial

  • Facebook Site for Elks Lodge #1895

  • Guide to Service-Connected Disability Compensation for Exposure to Agent Orange

    Service-Connected Disability Compensation For Exposure To Agent Orange for Veterans and Their Families



  • Agent Orange

    VA Recognizes Additional “Presumptive” Diseases for Vietnam Veterans

  • National Veterans Service Commission

  • Operation Chillout

    Operation Chillout is a grassroots interfaith coalition founded in the year 2000 by concerned volunteers to help a group of homeless Viet Nam veterans living in the open under a railroad trestle in northern NJ. We believe in the inherent worth of every homeless man, woman and child and provide emergency supplies and survival gear to the most vulnerable members of our communities wherever we encounter them. We bring our care to all homeless people without regard to their religious affiliation, ethnic heritage or state of life.

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  • DD Form 214, Discharge Papers and Separation Documents

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    Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

  • Passaic County Elks CP Center

    Established in 1947, The Passaic County Elks Cerebral Palsy Treatment Center is a private non-profit organization operated by the Passaic County Elks Board of Trustees. The Passaic County Elks Cerebral Palsy Treatment Center, a pioneer in the rehabilitation field for children with special needs. The Center provides services to over 250 families. The diversity of programs are designed to meet the needs of each individual with various developmental abilities. Referrals for possible placement within the program are accepted from public school districts, parents, hospitals, physicians, or approved local or state agencies. Our agency's mission is to provide the finest, state-of-the-art educational, therapeutic, medical, vocational and social programs and facilities for children and adults with multiple disabilities in Northern New Jersey. We will enable the people that we serve to achieve their highest potential as productive citizens.

  • Elks National Foundation


  • Tour the Elks Veterans Memorial

    A monument in the truest sense, the Elks National Veterans Memorial was built in 1926 to honor Americans whose profound sacrifices for the nation can never be recognized by mere words. With its massive dome, heroic sculptures and intricately detailed friezes, the memorial is a distinctively American interpretation of classical greatness. Haven't had a chance to visit in person? A virtual tour is the next best thing!

  • Elks Camp Moore

    HANDICAPPED CHILDREN ARE THE NEW JERSEY STATE ELKS ASSOCIATION MAJOR PROJECT At a hotel in Trenton this committee was founded with the purpose of establishing such activities that would bring light , sunshine and happiness into the lives and hearts of the afflicted. Many years have passed since the birth of this movement, "helping handicapped children to help themselves" which was inaugurated by the Elks of the State of New Jersey. We as successors of our founders have carried on this great humanitarian work. We try to direct the lives of handicapped children away from the drab existence of being left out, which had been their lot, and into the channels where love, happiness, and contentment are found. The Elks of New Jersey are dedicated to the objectives of service as described in our slogan, "helping handicapped children to help themselves," and as stated in our articles of incorporation, to wit: "....For handicapped children under the age of nineteen, who are lame or who have lost, totally or partially, or who do not or who have never enjoyed the use of their limb or limbs, or by reason of some other physical disability, have lost , totally or partially , or who do not or who have never enjoyed the use of their limb or limbs, or who are otherwise physically infirm or mentally retarded." Attention: Changed e-mail address for HQ • • njhcchq@gmail.com Please use the following e-mail addresses for more information: State Handicapped Children's Committee Chairman HandicappedChildren@njelks.org State Office njhcchq@gmail.com Director Elks Camp Moore Becki Franklin ECM Emergency Contact Phone Numbers Winter: 609-651-6209 Summer: 973-835-1542 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’m Glad Somebody Helps WHAT A WEALTH OF MEANING THERE IS IN THOSE WORDS We, as Elks, have continually taken a great deal of pride in talking about our Handicapped Children’s Committee’s works. However deeds are always better than words therefore we must practice what we preach. We can do this best by seeing to it that any handicapped child needing help in any community in our state is cared for by the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. Our aim is to help them become self-sustaining and useful citizens so that in the future they may enjoy a happy and normal life. Our work means scarifies of time, patience, understanding, love of neighbor, and a deep respect of our beloved Order. Surely, if each one would keep those thoughts in mind and continually strive to improve the work we have been doing, then it is reasonable to assume that handicapped children will continue to utter the words of our beautiful slogan: "I’m glad somebody cares." The Elk Lodges of New Jersey provide advice and assistance for the caring of Handicapped Children of every race, color, and creed. More than 88 Handicapped Children have received college scholarships. Over 2400 children participate in the Poster Contest every year. Each year the Elks select four Area Poster Children. The Elks maintain clinics, hiring competent nurses, therapists, pediatricians, psychologists, teachers, etc. to help restore children with disabilities. Operations are provided where necessary. Equipment, such as crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, etc. are furnished. Artificial limbs, braces, special shoes, hearing aids, are also furnished. Elk's Camp Moore provides Handicapped Children outdoor camping experience that would otherwise not be available. Click here for more information for Elks Camp Moore