Wickenburg, AZ 2160

Lodge Facilities


The historic Wickenburg Lodge Bar was originally in a saloon in Silverton, Colorado before 1850. The Lodge purchased the bar from the Gallup New Mexico Lions Club in May of 1960 for $500.00. The Bar was stored forty miles north of Gallup in a tavern, was torn down, and scattered all over the floor. This was all accomplished by Mr. Houston Anders, and ER Con Beastrom with the use of Mike Courtney's truck. It was unloaded at the Lodge and erected as it now stands. The Pillars were countersunk into the back bar so that if the Lodge got quarters with a higher ceiling the could be brought up their original height. The Lodge members spent countless hours removing old varnish and refinishing it. George Blakney raised $1000.00 to put on new mirrors. Come see our historic bar and enjoy.