District No. 8800

Lodge Facilities

Facebook Page

Go to http://www.facebook.com/saelks for our up to date lodge info

RV Parking

We welcome traveling Elks to park their RVs at our lodge. We have good/free WiFi. 

See our RV layout and a lot more inofrmation on our website:  http://www.sanantonioelks.com/Elks%20Images/Non%20Event-Elks%20Lodge%20RV%20layout.pdf

San Antonio Elks Lodge RV Parking and Sightseeing info and FAQs 

San Antonio Elks Lodge Rental

Visit our website for rental information. SanAntionioElks.com or call 210.697.3331 and leave a message. The system will forward your message to a manager's email.We are a volunteer organization, so we schedule rental tours by appointment.

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