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Lodge Facilities

Brighton Elks Lodge

Brighton Elks Lodge #1586
Brighton, Colorado


Established: July 10, 1930

101 Main Street
Brighton, Colorado 80601
Telephone: 303-659-2802

Lodge Facilities

  • cocktail lounge
  • kitchen
  • dance floor
  • shuffleboard
  • Nintendo WII
  • pool table
  • card tables
  • meeting rooms.

Lodge History

Brighton Lodge #1586 was granted Lodge Dispensation on June 16, 1930. The Lodge was chartered on the 10th of July 1930. The original Lodge Officers included Exalted Ruler Charles F. Johnson, Esteemed Leading Knight F. F. Hunter, Esteemed Loyal Knight Roy C. Peppers, Esteemed Lecturing Knight D. G. Packer Jr., Lodge Esquire Natte E. Austin, Chaplain J. F. Owells, Tiler Andrew Neilson, Inner Guard J. R. Faulkner and Trustees Henry G. Wellenkotter, Herman J. Schloo and J. Paul Hill. There were thirty-seven original Charter Members.


The Mortgage was burned in less than twelve years on the 25th of February, 1942.

The Area of Ritual was represented by Ed Lewis, who in 1980 was the High Point Man in the State Contest as the Esteemed Lecturing Knight. In 1982, he went on to High Point Man at the Elks National Convention and was named as an All-American Loyal Knight. The Lewis Lounge was named in his honor.

Brighton Lodge as it appears today

The Building itself was originally a Bank Building. The second floor was the original location for the bar area, which is now used by the Boy Scout Troop. The area used for dances and dinners eventually became the Lodge Room. The kitchen sent meals up by new members who were assigned to K.P. Duty for one year.

The basement was used for a time as a gym and sauna area. The Lewis Lounge as mentioned, occupies much of the remainder of the basement.

A few notable achievements include sponsoring Boy Scout Troop 109 for many years. We actively support Laradon Hall, Veterans Services, and Youth Activities.

The History of "THE BRICK"

The Brick

"The Brick" was erected in 1918 as part of the back double wall of Farmer State Bank. This building, located at 101 North Main Street, Brighton, Colorado, was of brick and terra cotta type, renaissance revival style, and was the architectural design of Mr. E.B. Jones.

"The Brick" stood strong for 10 or 11 years in the back wall of the bank. The bank failed, "The Brick" did not. On June 25, 1930, "The Brick" and the building were acquired by the Brighton Elks Lodge 1586. It was on that Wednesday night that the Elks installed sixty-seven members into their new lodge. Forty-two were new members and twenty five were transfers. "The Brick" was proud it stood strong for its new fraternal organization.

The first officers of the new lodge and "The Brick" were as follows:

Exalted Ruler E.R. Johnson
Esteemed Leading Knight Judge F.F. Hunter
Esteemed Loyal Knight R.C. Peppers
Esteemed Lecturing Knight D.G. Packer
Secretary J.W. Tarleton
Treasurer C.L. Hackley
Tiler Andrew Nielson
Esquire Natte E. Austin
Chaplain Dr. H.F. Owells
Inner Guard Jess Falkner
Trustees Henry Wellenkatter (3rd year)
Herman J. Schloo (2nd year)
J. Paul Hill (1st year)

"The Brick" stood strong for another seventy-seven years, ever watching the many changes surrounding it; buildings being attached to it, many people walking through the hallowed halls, watching the change of officers every year, and being proud of each and every Exalted Ruler inducted in those many years. "The Brick" had a favorite change. In 1974, the Elks moved the kitchen from the basement to the main level. "The Brick", now being part of the back wall of the kitchen reveled in the fine aromas of food prepared for Elks meetings and charitable benefits, as well as numerous wedding receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, and the annual picnics. "Aye, 'twas a fine place for "The Brick" to be." I should mention that "The Brick" was believed to be a wee bit Irish.

"The Brick" stood strong with its brothers, holding up the back wall of the kitchen, never yielding to gravitational pressures, or erosion, or degeneration.

Finally it was ordered that "The Brick" be relieved of its duties, having held strong for a total of 89 years. In January of 2007, the order was carried out. "The Brick" was extracted to make a grand opening from the kitchen to the newly constructed serving area. This was done by Elks members Tom Cortez, Rick Leuch, Paul Scheid, and John Godfrey, under the very much needed guidance of contractor Don Kutz. "The Brick" felt sad but proud and somewhat relieved that the burden of standing strong was over.

"The Brick's" last officers, as it stood strong in the back wall of the kitchen were as follows:

Exalted Ruler Jim Vincent
Esteemed Leading Knight Mark Sidman
Esteemed Loyal Knight Jim Merrick
Esteemed Lecturing Knight Ben Jacobson
Secretary JoAnn Walczak
Treasurer Frank Walczak
Tiler Ken Mehrer
Esquire Brent Pick
Chaplain Fred Peterson
Inner Guard Paul Scheid
Organist Charlotte Wolf
Trustees PER John Sack (5th year)
PER Alan Wahlborg (4th year)
Al Hause (3rd year)
John Jones (2nd year)
Chuck Winchester (1st year)

"The Brick" was saved from the extracted ruins to stand strong as a token of all the historical years it served. It will remain in the building at 101 North Main Street. The Brighton Elks Lodge 1586 and "The Brick" will be marked an historical site in May 2007.

The Brick Today

Researched by Pat Reither, Historian - Brighton Historical Society
Compiled by Pat Reither, Deb Lytle and John Godfrey
Scribed by John Godfrey

This is but a small accounting of the Lodge's distinguished past. Much more is left unwritten, but not forgotten.
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