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Club Rules and Regulations 

  1. Any Member of Lakewood Lodge #1350 in good standing shall be entitled to use the Club Rooms. To be in good standing, a Member's dues must be paid in advance for the current period.
  2. Upon request, membership cards shall be exhibited to any Lodge Officer, Club Manager, their assistants, or a Member in good standing.
  3. All Club activities shall cease upon the opening of any meeting of the Lodge, including any special or public rituals, and shall not resume until such meeting is closed. Club activities shall also cease for a period of one minute while funeral services for a deceased Member are being conducted by Lodge Officers.
  4. Conduct unbecoming a lady or gentleman, or the use of loud, boisterous or profane language, shall not be permitted. The standard of conduct for Members as prescribed in the Grand Lodge Statutes Section 16.040, Decision 2, and in the Lodge By-Laws, shall be adhered to at all times.
  5. Excessive drinking and resulting aberrant behavior will not be tolerated. Intoxicated Members will be refused service and will be required to leave the premises if their behavior is disruptive.
  6. The Club Rooms are for the exclusive use of the Members, subject to the following conditions:
    1. Members’ spouses or significant other and widows of deceased Members may use the Club facilities at all regular hours except during the hours of all regular and special meetings of the Lodge, provided they have first obtained an Identification Card pursuant to Grand Lodge Statue 14.140;
    2. Courtesy privileges shall be extended to visiting Elks and their companions;
    3. Guest of a Member may be permitted to use the Club facilities provided the Host Member is present when the guest is admitted, and remains present during the duration of the guest’s visit;
    4. Except on special occasions, all adult, non-member guests shall register upon admission to the Club premises. After three (3) visits to the Club Facilities, no further visits will be permitted to such non-member guests who otherwise are eligible for membership in Lakewood Lodge #1350, excepting a Member in good standing’s family members or significant other.
  7. The Club Grill Room hours will be posted in the Grill Room and published in the monthly bulletin. Except in the case of an emergency, including inclement weather conditions, where decision-making time is short, any proposed permanent change to the Club hours will be published in the monthly bulletin, read on the Lodge floor, and take effect the month following publishing in the bulletin.
  8. The manner of using the Club facilities shall be subject to the direction of the Board of Trustees in the absence of any provision in the Grand Lodge Statues of the Order or the Lodge’s By-Laws.
  9. Hats or head coverings such as scarves, caps, etc., are permitted to be worn in the Club Grill Room facilities. Hats or head coverings are to be removed in the Lodge Hall during Lodge Meetings, during the 11 o’clock toast, and during the Pledge of Allegiance or National Anthem. Additionally, hats or head coverings are to be in good taste as determined by the Exalted Ruler, and Board of Trustee’s.
  10. Appropriate dress is required of the use of the facilities. The Board of Trustees (and Grill Room Manager in their absence) will determine if the dress of a Member or guest is appropriate. The Member or guest will be warned or asked to leave, depending on the level of inappropriateness of the dress. The second violation of the appropriate dress rule will subject the Member to a disciplinary hearing with the Board of Trustees and possible suspension from the facilities, subject to the provision of Grand Lodge Statute 16.040.
  11. Under no circumstances shall any child or young adult under the age of 21 years be permitted to sit at the bar.
  12. No use of tobacco products including cigarettes and e-cigarettes is permitted within the facilities of Lakewood Elks #1350 at any time.

Any Member willfully failing or refusing to observe these rules and regulations may be denied the use of the facilities by the Board of Trustees, subject to the provisions of Grand Lodge Statute 16.040.

Grill Room Hours Monday-Thursday 3:00 pm to 10PM Friday 3:00 pm to 11:30 PM Saturday 3:00 pm to 11:30 PM Sunday 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm



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