Flagstaff, AZ 499

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairs

Sally Veazey

Randy Evans

Marc Rusconi

Alexander James McIntosh

Michael DiMieri

Forum Mediator
J T. McCann

Alternate Rep to GL
Charles A. Ward

Chairperson - Activities Committee
Charles A. Ward

Chairperson - Community Project & Activities Subcommittee
Linda Carrion

Chairperson - Hoop Shoot® Subcommittee
Randy Evans

Chairperson - Fraternal Committee
Bob W. Carrion

Chairperson - Elks National Foundation Subcommittee
Sally Veazey

Chairperson - Elks Memorial Day Subcommittee
Kathleen S. Cothrun

Chairperson - Membership Subcommittee
Sally Veazey

Chairperson - Lodge Activities Subcommittee
Charles A. Ward

Chairperson - Veterans Services Subcommittee
Linda Carrion

Chairperson - PER Association
Randy Evans

Chairperson - Public Relations
Kathleen S. Cothrun

Chairperson - State Major Project Subcommittee
Sally Veazey

President - Ladies Auxiliary
Glenda Wright

Vice President - Ladies Auxiliary
Bonnie Golliher

Chairperson - Board of Trustees
Guy Williams

Chairperson - Charitable Gambling
Charles A. Ward

Chairperson - Scholarships
Gary A. Smith