District No. 5560

Lodge Directory

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairmen

Exalted Ruler

Cindy Zschoche (John Zschoche)
52 Silleck Street
Clifton, Nj 07013
Office: 973-942-2111
Email: cindypv2111@gmail.com

Leading Knight, House Chairman

Kevin Ross (Leslie Ross)

Lecturing Knight, ND and Lodge Soccer Shoot Chair Person, MC Chair Person

Gary Endrikat (Teresa)
Email: garye8@optonline.net

Loyal Knight, ND Gvt Relations

Jeanne Gademan , PER
Email: jeannejmg@richrmg.com

Secretary, Drug Awareness, Sickness and Distress,

Bricken Remshifski
34 Bogle Drive
Apt #2
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
Cell: 973 413 7609
Email: brickenelks2017@gmail.com

Treasurer, Membership

John Szczomak (Jody Szczomak), State President, PDDGER, PER
Cell: 973 768 8181
Email: Jszczomak@smolin.com


John Zschoche (ER Cindy Zschoche), Leading Knight, HC Chairmen
Email: johnzsch56@gmail.com

Inner Guard

Christina Cline (Ron Cline)
Email: cdb9162@hotmail.com

Tiler, Bar Chairmen

Christopher Clarken

Trustee, Building

Don Van Orden


Ron Cline (Christina Cline)


Tony McClam

Special Children Chair Person, Bulletin, Kitchen Manager

Jody Szczomak (SP John Szczomak), Esquire, House Committee Chair Person
Office: 2014142802
Cell: 201 414 2802
Email: jodyszczomak@gmail.com

Scholarship Chairperson, Auditing

Maureen Whalen (Marge Theobald), PER, PVP, PDD
Email: pop9corn@aol.com

Army of Hope, Ritual

Roy DeRitter (Janet DeRitter), Assistant to GER, PSP, PDDGER, PVP, PER
Email: rderitter@verizon.net


Deanne Payne, Loyal Knight
Email: dee@algroup.com

ENF Chairperson, Memorial Service

Janet DeRitter (Roy DeRitter), Secretary
Email: jderitter@verizon.net

Parades Chair Person

Marge Theobald (Maureen Whalen), Chaplain
Email: pop9corn@aol.com

Booking Manager

Leslie Ross (Kevin Ross)
Email: lross0604@gmail.com


Anthony Pelosi (Dorine Pelosi), PER

Hoop Shoot and Youth Activities

Anthony Sangastiano (Robin Sangastiano)

Indoctrination, Investigation

Dan Clark, Sr. (Denise Clark), State Inner Guard, PER
Email: VPDClark17@gmail.com

Lodge Activities

Teresa Endrikat (Gary Endrikat)
Email: tcmusi@aol.com

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