Richmond, CA 1251

Lodge Facilities

El Sobrante Banquet Facility

Contact Lodge at (510) 223-3441 or Linda Pitts (510) 325-8817

Weddings, Receptions, Birthday Parties, Family Gatherings, Funeral Receptions, Business Meetings.

Caterers available

Sunset Caterering (510) 681-4004

Susan Relva (510) 381-4760

Members Lounge

Open Tuesdays 5:00pm - 7:30pm ( Dinner service @ 6:30 pm - $12.00)

Open  Second and Fourth Fridays 5:00pm - Hour of Recollection

Adult Beverage Service and Small Plate food service

Pool Tables, Shuffle Board, Darts, Card Tables and on occassion - Chair Massages

RV Parking

Call Secretary @ (510) 223-3441 to arrange space in back lot for temporary stays.

Sorry - No hookup services. Donation suggested.