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Grass Valley Elks Lodge approved merger resolution with Auburn Elks Lodge #1691

Over the past two years and largely do to COVID the Grass Valley Elks Lodge #538 lost many officers and was unable to recruit new ones.  Because of this Grass Valley was looking at losing their Charter and closing down the Lodge.  Their building is a Historic Building built and dedicated in 1913, and no one wanted to have the building sold and possibly town down or turned into trinket shops.  Therefore, they started into discussions with the Auburn Elks Lodge #1691 in Auburn, California some 23 miles away.  Finally both lodges had agreed on a series of resolutions and followed the Grand Lodge Statutes and had the membership of each Lodge to vote if they wanted to merge or now.  The membership of both Lodges approved the resolutions and desire to merge.  Both Lodge has sent the required documents to our sponsors and the Grand Lodge and are currently awaiting their decision.  We will update this News Story as soon as we know.

Posted by: Grass Valley, CA #538 (11/22/2022)

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