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Roof collapse update

The Lodge room, office, and store rooms in what used to be Sommers' Market, and later A & S, were not affected by the collapse.  Most of the damage is on railroad street, and it appears our loss is covered.  Here's what I know as I write this February 6th:  The dining room must be completely reconstructed.  Once we have the engineer's report, perhaps as early as next week, we can figure out what more will have to be done.  We know the roof is going to be different, and we're waiting to just how. It will need to handle the snow load from the next such winter storm, and at the same time be connected with the other side of the building.  Some inside walls are going to be different.  A lot will be determined by building codes, and the amount insurance pays.

Posted by: Newberry, MI #1705 (02/12/2020)

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