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What Makes a Lodge?

I was asked a question last night, Do you want a bar or do you want a Lodge.    This question bothered me all night as I tried to figure out the answer.  Here’s what I came up with.

The bar is not the Lodge and the Lodge is not the bar.  The bar is the social club that supports the Lodge.  The Lodge is the members who come together heart and soul to perform charitable acts for our community.  The Lodge is the performance of ceremonies to adhere to the bylaws of the Elks Grand Lodge.  The Lodge is here for the betterment of our members and our community.

I have heard that “we are not a Lodge anymore but just a sports bar.  This is not true.   Yes our bar is bright and inviting with lots of TVs to watch sports and we have horseshoes, cornhole, pinball, pool tables, darts, card games yet this is NOT the Lodge.  This is the means to support the Lodge and its charitable works.  It fills my heart with joy to see members and guests enjoying the amenities of the bar.

The Lodge is not pictures and plaques on the wall, the Lodge is the members working together to better ourselves and those around us.  For example, just this summer, The Lodge members collected pet food for the no kill shelters, hygiene bags for homeless veterans, backpacks for Tonalea students.  This was not the bar or the pictures on the wall but the MEMBERS who make up the Lodge.

The Lodge is the members who care enough to volunteer their time money and energy to remodel the Lodge, put on events like steak night, 4th of July, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc etc.  The Lodge is members like Terry and Lynn Youngs who put their heart and soul into our children’s activities.

The Lodge is the Christmas shopping spree, Santa and his helpers taking stockings to the kids, Thanksgiving gift cards, and the many other charitable works we do.  

All this can not be done with out the support of the Members who make up the Lodge AND the income from the social club.

So do I want a bar or a Lodge, I believe the answer is in all the things I said above.  They go hand in hand to help the members continue their charitable works in the community.

I hope I have not offended anyone but this bothered me to think that there could not be a solution to this question and that the question was even necessary.  I want to believe that we are a very solid Lodge with a social club to support our monetary needs.

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Posted by: Scottsdale, AZ #2148 (09/02/2019)

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