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Veteran’s “Bravery Boxes”

Veteran’s “Bravery Boxes”

We’re excited to announce our newest fundraiser through our ENF Grant Program! In our community, there are hundreds of Veterans, and Active Military Members who are returning home, that are experiencing struggling times. Any charitable donations these heroes receive from their community can go a long way. And that’s where our Lodge is going to come in! Bravery Boxes are now available at the Member’s Lounge! What is a “Bravery Box?” How does it work? Simply visit our Lounge, sign-out a Bravery Box, bring it home and fill it with toiletries of any kind, socks, underwear, tee-shirts, Wal-Mart and BJ’s Gift Cards, ANYTHING you feel would help heroes in need! Once it’s full, return the Bravery Box to our Lodge and we’ll get the items distributed out to our heroes in the community! Each Bravery Box will be broken up and sorted out with all the other donated items we receive to make equal “care packages” for each of the many Veterans and Active Military Members we’re going to help. Our lodge will also be contributing up to $2,000 in supplies through our 2018 Freedom Grant, but with your additional help, we can distribute $4,000 worth of supplies or more! Full instructions and a list of needed items are included with each Bravery Box. We feel this is going to be a great addition to all the fantastic things we do to help our Military and Veterans! If you have any questions, contact our Lodge’s Grant Coordinator, Chris Melanson, at 508-962-2475 orc.melanson@yahoo.com

Posted by: Auburn/Webster, MA #2118 (02/27/2018)

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