Wausau, WI 248

Wausau, WI Lodge No. 248

Meets first and third Thursdays, except July & August, then third Thursday only. Meetings are held at 7:00 PM unless we are holding initiation. Initiation meetings began at 6:45 PM. Please call ahead for the time if you plan to attend a meeting. Meetings are held at our Lodge which is located in Downtown Wausau, 414 Scott St, Corner of 4th St. & Scott St. (Wausau's East side business district)

Rather than duplicate our information on this site, please visit us at our app at “My Elks App”

You can email the Secretary's office at: wausauelks@wausauelks.com,

Our Bar Manager at: barmanager@wausauelks.com, or

Banquet Coordinator at: banquets@wausauelks.com.


Annie M. Hanke, PFL

Lodge Secretary (2024-present)

updated 6/21/2024