Elizabethton, TN 1847

Elizabethton, TN Lodge No. 1847


Welcome to the Elizabethton Elks Lodge.



Welcome to our Elizabethton, TN Elks Lodge #1847! Thanks for visiting!


1000 N. Sycamore St.
Elizabethton, TN 37643

The  Lodge meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month. All visiting Elks are welcome !!



The Elizabethton Lodge is located approximatly 20 minutes from the Bristol Motor Speedway.

Our lodge is located on the banks of the Watauga and Doe Rivers at the North end of Sycamore Street.



RV Parking Available

The Elizabethton Elks Lodge is approximatly a 20 minute drive from the NASCAR race track in Bristol TN. There is room for 20 to 25 RV'S  (several hookupsavailable). This is next to the lounge and bar. Only 2 stop lights between the Elks Lodge and the Bristol Motor Speedway.


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Nat M. Wills sings “BPOE”

A YouTube user has discovered a recording of vaudeville star Nat M. Wills singing this homage to the Elks, circa 1908. Check it out! 


Believe   in   the goodness in thyself as well as in others.

Protect childhood with tenderness, old age with respect,
cherish with reverence the memory of those who have gone before.
Observe           faithfully            the         golden          rule.
Enjoy  the  good  things  of  earth. Keep within thee the
glorious sunshine of youth and remain always of good cheer.