Aberdeen, SD 1046

Aberdeen, SD Lodge No. 1046

Hi Folks Welcome to Aberdeen Elks Lodge 1046, Aberdeen, South Dakota.

WORDS FROM YOUR EXALTED RULER JIM WEISMANTEL I want to extend a special thank you to my family, past Exalted Rulers, all officers, members and guests that helped make my installation a grand event last April 15th. I am honored that you are putting your trust in me for the upcoming year. I will consider this as a serious undertaking, and in the process, will need as much help from all of you as you can give. We are starting to see larger crowds on Thursday and Friday evenings. This is what we want to accomplish – to see our lodge grow with new members and support. We have picked up several new “volunteers.” They have volunteered to cook Friday night meals, tend bar and provide entertainment. This is wonderful, and we appreciate these people who are stepping forward to help our lodge grow. If everyone does just a little, or just a little more, this will be a fun place to meet friends, hold events, i.e. weddings, reunions, birthdays, or just to enjoy the fine entertainment. I am not asking for an every week commitment, but if everyone would be compelled to volunteer once a month, or even twice a year, the volunteer hours would make a big difference in the lodge’s financial and social future. In all, it is not hard work, and it is without pay¸ but the benefits you receive from helping your fellow lodge members will be priceless. Thank you so much. Jim Weismantel, Exalted Ruler