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Tucson Photo Gallery: New Members

Tucson Elks Lodge newest members, January 24, 2023: L-R: Jesse Lugo (sponsor) Barny Brenner, ER Susan Trecartin, Christopher Gromek, John Aceves (sponsor)

During our AZ South DDGER, visit to Lodge #385, we initiated our newest Lodge member. Photo: Susan, Richard (proposer) new member Gary Smith, SDDGER Steve Asp, his Esquire Alane Asp. December 20,2022

Newest member J. Johnston with ER S. Trecartin and J. Aceves. October 25, 2022

New Member B. Conn with ER S. Trecartin and sponsor F. Gordon

It was an honor and privilege to initiate new Elks Lodge 385 members in Ernest Schnell proposed by John Aceves, Robin Irish proposed by Susan Trecartin, and Arnulfo Riesgo proposed by Jesse Lugo this evening on August 16, 2022. Welcome new members to Elks Lodge 385 that was established in 1897 in Tucson, AZ

Our newest Lodge #385 members L-R: Gary Scheer, Martha Mergerle, ER Susan Trecartin, Patricia Orr Bonura. May 24, 2022

Tucson Elks Lodge #385 newest member Ronny Peloquin, with ER and proposer Wayne Burns. 3/22/2022

Tucson Lodge #385 newest member Matt Harless with ER Wayne Burns. 02-22-2022

Tucson Lodge #385 newest member: L-R: ER W. Burns, R. Siegfried, 12-21-2021

New Members-September 28, 2021: ER W. Burns, B. Hurley, K. Unrien.

New Member initiated 7-20-2021: L-R: ER W. Burns, new member D. Medina, sponsor J. Lugo

New members: L-R, Initiated for Sun City Lodge #2559, T. Valentine, ER, W. Burns, M. Dunn, new member Tucson Lodge #385

Initiation 3 new members: L-R, ER W.Burns, new member,D. Dickerson, proposer B. Holyoak, new member Sami Hamed, proposer, J. Lugo, proposer, J. Starbuck, new member R. Curtis. April 27,2021

New members March 9,2021. Left to right: J.Lugo proposer, new member D. Gibson, ER M. Lopez, new member V. Elrod, proposer, R. Thomas


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