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June 2022 Initiation

2022 -2023 OFFICERS

We had the honor and pleasure of initiating 11 American Citizens into our lodge Tuesday Evening. First row left to right: Jan Dodge, Bill Adair, Dave Davis, ER Steve Schmidt, Jeanne Rackers, Lilli Heinrich and Laverne Michalek Back row left to right: Charles Rush, Chris Young, Alan Beier, Jerry Cason and Steven Winkle

Plaque presented to Wobbly Boots

WELCOME TO 10 AMERICAN CITIZENS INITIATIED LAST EVENING. Please join me in welcoming the following Elks whenever you see them. Front Row, Left to Right: Anita Kness, Jan Marie Bender, Kristine Potts, ER Fred Catcott, Pam Black, Ed Libby and Michelle Libby Back Row, Left to Right: Mike Everding, Kelly Fischbach, Jim Clement and Bernie Koehne


November Newsletter

November Newsletter

October '21 New Members Front Row, Left to Right: Raneen Olberding, Marty Friedewald, Alice Hand, ER Fred Catcott, Cindy Flowers, Audrey Baker and Barb Semprini Back Row, Left to Right: Robert Olberding, Glen McDaniel, Scott Lembke, Greg Calow, John Milligan, Michael Wall, Mike Dodwell and Joe Bukaty


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