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Texas Hospitality - Indianapolis, IN DDGER Steve Slaybaugh, District Leader Rick Boggs, PDDGER Marc Padgett, PER & Elk of the Year Robert Tiffany

6 of the 9 Golf Tournament scholarship recipients, with officers; Trustee Tim Schroeder, Esquire Kristin Schroeder, Esteemed Leading Knight Kim McCune, Esteemed Loyal Knight Clarence Herrington, Exalted Ruler Marc Padgett, PER and Trustee Coke Cudd, and Golf Committee Chairman Freddie Bohannon.

Snack Pack 4 Kids Director, Carol Hayden accepts $2000.00 donation for the SP4K organization. Left to Right: Secretary Jolyn Thrasher, Member Chris Perrett, SP4K Director Carol Hayden, Exalted Ruler Marc Padgett

Our Altar

Our beautiful meeting room

2015/2016 Officers

Esteemed Loyal Knight, Clarence Herrington. Also our Americanism and Veteran Chairman.

Marc Padgett and Shane Johnson

God Bless America and our flags, the symbol of Freedom!

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