Myrtle Creek, OR 1943

Myrtle Creek Photo Gallery

Myrtle Creek Photo Gallery: 2021 Keep-A-Teen-Warm

Riddle High School Principal William Starkweather & School Custodian Rebecca Prinz were presented with over 60 "Keep-A-Teen Warm" hoodies & jackets from PER/Grant Coordinator Walter Kauhn. All items were purchased with funds from a BEACON Grant our Lodge received.

PER/Grant Coordinator Walter Kauhn presented Sarah Suhrstedt, Counselor & Education Assistant at Days Creek Charter School, with over 40 "Keep-A-Teen Warm" items purchased with BEACON Grant funds.

PER/Grant Coordinator Walter Kauhn delivered "Keep-A-Teen Warm" hoodies & jackets to Shirley Cockrell, Coffenberry Middle School Secretary. All items were purchased with BEACON Grant funds.

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