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BEMIDJI ELK'S LODGE #1052, Granted special opportunity for 21 Bemidji area kiddo's age 9 to 13 to enjoy an incredible week at Minnesota Elk's Youth Camp June 2019

Bemidji Elks Lodge is proud to have Keith Marek become the 2007 District Deputy. Congratulations!

The 2007 youth camp crew! Also pictured, Keith Marek, Joe Forbes and E.R. Ken Traxler.

Leading Knight Candace West rounded up Teddy Bears from Bemidji Elk members during the July dinner. These bears were donated to the Bemidji Fire Dept. The bears are used to give to children during times of stress.

It's the 2007 highway cleanup crew! From left to right: Pending member Justin Retzer, D.D. Keith Marek, Leading Knight Eric Hedeen, Dre Hendrickson and new member Kristy Pottratz. Oh, and Bar manager Holly Hedeen's thumb. Someone had to take the picture...also involved were David and Candace West and Lisa Habermann.

The 2006 Elks Dart Team. From left to right - Eric (Dinger), Steve (The Professor), Keith (Dutchess) and Pat (Heffernan). They ranked dead center as their first year on Fun Time Darts!


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