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Folks this is not Santa Fe's version of Crocodile Dundee, it's our Leading Knight Bob Clifford PER. Bob is our Lodge's Official Photographer, but we must warn you to please be cautious if Bob seems to be measuring you up for a portrait. You see Bob's full time position is being the General Manager of Rivera Family Funeral Home. But don't be afraid, Bob's very personable and he'd be the last one to put you down.

Our Loyal Knight Mark Maestas is trying to convince one of our guests at the 2014 Golf Classic that he has not used all of his mulligans! This debate took place on the tee box of the 3rd hole!

Trustee Leroy Ramirez, Member Jake Salazar and Secretary Charlie Dalton at Santa Fe National Cemetery on Memorial Day weekend helping a host of Santa Fean's place an American Flag on each tombstone. Tiler Chris Garcia organized this event and Loyal Knight Mark Maestas and his son, Treasurer Greg Hunt and Exalted Ruler Dave Fitzgerald joined in this humble event.

Buzzy Padilla overseeing our 2014 Golf Classic as the marshall! Apparently the retired judge's lovely wife was unable to attend the tournament this year. Her eye doctor feared that the glare from her husbands bright yellow shorts may harm her vision. RayBan, Gucci and Oakley Sunglass firms each filed for restraining orders protecting them from any contingent liability! lol

Mary Hernandez giving one of our elderly PER's a dance lesson. In this case it's her husband, Dennis, chairperson of our PER Assoc.

Students honored at our 2014 OUTSTANDING STUDENT BANQUET which has been chaired for the past ten years by PER and current Esquire Ron Reichman!

ER Dave Fitzgerald salutes the gravesite of Jose Luis Garcia at the Memorial Day ceremony at Santa Fe National Cemetery. CPL Garcia served in Korea with the Marine Corps. and is one of 53,000 members of our Armed Forces who now lay at rest in our National Cemetery. Lodge 460 was proud to have the opportunity to honor our veterans. CPL Garcia's daughter, Kitty, is a member of our Lodge.

Coach Bob Sweeney and his lovely daughter Arlene decided to join us as spectators at the 2014 Golf Classic. This was terrific because they proved that our Elk events are family affairs! The Sweeney family goes back many, many years in the heritage of our Lodge and the entire clan is still active today! Arlene is the Editor of our monthly newsletter and keeps our membership abreast of upcoming events.

Lodge 460's patio, constructed by our PER Association is a beautiful area of our Lodge. It's the best place in town to sit down, relax and enjoy a margarita! In early September you can join us for our Annual Fiestacita Celebration hosted by our DOES from Drove 57! These ladies know how to throw a party! Come out and enjoy the music of our mariachi's!

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