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Breakfast with the ER - May 2014 Brainstorming on new activities to bring more members back to the Lodge and help our Lodge financially. A great session!

Linda Cox receives from 2013-2014 ER Chris Pool an award for Outstanding Auxiliary Member of the Year which was given out for the first time! Congratulations Linda!

Tilt Toy Run Toys 2013 - this event has been taking place for over 27 years!

Finnigan C receives an award for above and beyond from Veronica (Ronnie) Priest 2013-2014 Auxiliary President. He also received one from the Elks! Great job Finn!

Tilt Toy Run - Led by Linda Cox (27 years), Lucky Cox (18 years), Debi Segedy (25 years) and James Ferrell (8 years). Great event to benefit children less fortunate. Way to go, team work. Auxiliary and Elks working together!

Pam White receives "Officer of the Year" award from 2013-2014 ER Chris Pool. Congratulations Pam. We know the number of hours you volunteered always with a smile!


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